Current Issue: Volume 14, Issue 1, 2023 


Pages 1-44

Lect. Allawi Kitan Radam

A Survey Study of Wild Plants in AL Al Najaf Desert

Pages 42-67

Neepal Imtair Al-Garaawi; Basma Aziz Hamid

Machine Learning Based Stock Prediction and Analysis

Pages 81-85

Vedant Dhenge; Nikita Udar; Aditya Deshmukh; Aarti Thakare; Shailendra Dahake; S. P. Chinte

Nursery Management Using Python and React Js

Pages 86-89

Laukeek korde; Niraj Shrimnwar; Ankush kohad; Vaishnvai Shukla; Khan Nagzi; Parag thakare

A Survey on Indoor Fire Load Recognition Using Image Dataset

Pages 90-95

Pallavi A. Chaudhari; Prajakta Karad; Tanuja Hyalij; Shradha Chandroth; Kajal Nawale

JE Online Discussion Forum

Pages 171-175

Shubham Ingole; Bhushan Jadhao; Sakshi Sawale; Radhika Ingalkar; Nilam Shendre; Minal Pardey

Voice Automated System

Pages 176-184

Vivek Sahare; Rajkumar Rathod; Sakshi Nile; Sakshi Nimbalkar; Nikita Onkar; Rupali Sawant

The Color and Its Effect in the Poetry of Battles and Sedition in the Era if Marabateen and Unified Sauce

Pages 185-211

جامعة واسط – کلیة العلوم .; م. م. أحمد عبد الحمید رسن .