Current Issue: Volume 12, Issue 3, Winter and Spring 2021 

1. The Impact Of Labor Motivation Management On Labor Productivity In Small Business Enterprises

Pages 1-5

Kuchkorov GaybullaFayzullaevich; Boratov BaxtiyorSayfullaevich; Xolliyev SheraliBakhtiyorovich; Kadirov LutfulloKhalimovich

2. An Important Factor Determining The Quality Of Seed Potatoes

Pages 6-8

Ergashev Ibragim Tashkenovich; Oblokulov Feruz; Saidmurodova Zukhra; Begimkulov Ilkhom; Ergashev Ulugbek

3. On Non-Associative Algebra And Its Properties

Pages 9-16

Nosirov S obir Nosirovich; Aroev Dilshod Davronovich; Sobirov Avazbek Abdurashid ugli

8. Diplomatic Protocol Ceremonies In The Gardens Of Amir Temur Annotation

Pages 46-52

Dr. Uljaeva Sh.; Doc. Nazarov Kh.; Ass. Inagamova G.T.; Ass. Gofurova H.G.; Baxtiyorov L.X.

9. Modern Dehydration Detecting and Alerting System for Pregnant Women

Pages 53-57

N. Kripa; Dr. R. Gomalavalli; Oinam Robita Chanu

11. Hand written Alphanumeric Recognition

Pages 69-74

T.Uday Kumar; M.Poorna Hari Priya; S. Rishitha; G. Sai Ram; B. Keerthi Renuka

12. A Systematic Review of the Causes Diagnosis and Treatment of Early Childhood Dental Caries

Pages 75-86

Abdulaziz Ibrahim Almedleg; TAMEM MUSAAD M ALYAHYA; Sultan bandar mohammed Alqasem; Abdullah Mohammed Alghammas; Ali Hazza Alzahrani; FAHAD KAHLED M ALKAHTANI

13. Wipe Film Evaporator

Pages 87-92

Tejas Thakare; Sachin Karale

14. Efficient Route Detection Using Machine Learning

Pages 93-97

N. V. Naik; Sindhu Gonugunta; Tejaswini Dendukuri; Pavan Kumar Vastadu; Sri Varshitha Bobburi

15. Proposing Buckingham Expression for Occurrence of Breaking Waves

Pages 98-104

Hasan Ibrahim Al Shaikhli; Dr. Saleh Issa Khassaf

17. Antibacterial And Anticancer Fatty Acid Produced From Marine Bacilus Subtilis Avsc3: Isolation, Characterization And Biological Activity

Pages 112-122

Chandini S Syed; Amrutha V Audipudi; Lakkakula. Bhagya Lakshmi; Dr. V. Parvathi; Dr. Shaheda Niloufer

19. A Study On Buying Behaviour Of Consumers Towards Samsung Mobiles In Coastal Andhra Pradesh

Pages 132-138

Dr.D. Venkateswarlu; Dr.T. Rajasekhar; Dr.M.Papa Rao; Dr.K. Deepika

21. Customer Analytics Using K-Means Clustering And ElbowModelling With Product Associative Analysis Using Unsupervised Machine Learning

Pages 156-164

M.V.L Bhavani; Nemalidinne Rajamohan reddy; Thota Gayatri; Shaik Roshan; V Chandra sekhar

22. Food Safety of Soft Cheese

Pages 165-168

Fayziev D.; Ishniyazova Sh.A.

26. Impact of Covid19 on Indian Economy

Pages 191-196

Riya Sharma; Dr.Ambica Prakash Mani

27. Impact Of Covid-19 On Employment Across Sectors

Pages 197-201

Rashmi Nautiyal; Dr. Ambica Prakash Mani

28. Covid-19 Outbreak Prediction Through Prophet Base Model

Pages 202-214

Komal Saxen; Aakriti Vohra; Ajay Rana Rana

29. Semiotic Interpretation In Javanese Wayang Kulit Performance Equipments In Deli Version

Pages 215-224

muhammad Natsir; Anwar soleh Purba; Bakhrul Khair Amal; Panji Suroso

30. Effect of Occupational Stress on Job satisfaction and Life Satisfaction

Pages 225-233

Dr.T. Rajasekhar; Dr. D. Venkateswarlu; Dr. K.Chinni Krishna; Dr. K. Deepika

32. Converging Offshore Wind Energy Difficulties

Pages 249-255

Haritha K; Raju L; Dr. Rani Fathima Kamal Basha

34. Disease Detection through Deep Learning Over Data Analytics from Healthcare Communities

Pages 264-271

Muthukumar Subramanian; Bhupesh Goyal; Anil Kumar pandey; Priti Gupta; Bhaskar Kapoor; Sushma Jaiswal

36. A Study Of The Impact Of Merger Of Public Sector Banks In India

Pages 290-304

Dr. K. Yasmin; Dr. S. Sridhar; Dr. Y. Aqther Begam

40. Ecosystem Services Of Wetland

Pages 324-332

Mukunda Madhab Phukan

41. Automatic Detection And Power Shutdown For Gas Leakage And Its Monitoring System

Pages 333-340

D. Lakshmi; G. Ezhilarasi; K. Rekha; G. Jegadeeswari

43. Performance Of A Photovoltaic Luo- Converter With Multiple-Lift Push-Pull Switched Capacitors

Pages 350-357

S. Amirtharaj; D. Lakshmi; G. Jegadeeswari; G. Ezhilarasi

44. A Fuzzy Logic Controller Based Srm With Torque Ripple Suppression For Ev Applications

Pages 358-369

G. Jegadeeswari; B. Kirubadurai; Viknesh. S; Dhanasekar. P; Dinesh. R; CK Manoj

45. Improvement Of Air Compressor Cooling With Int ercooler Fine Pruning

Pages 370-384

Kirubadurai. B; Jegadeeswari. G; Kanagaraja. K

52. Real Time Low Cost Automated Production System Using Internet Of Things

Pages 441-448

R. Elavarasi; Dr. C. Nayanatara; Dr.V. Karthikeyan

53. Scada Based System For Controlling And Monitoring Boiler In Ship

Pages 449-458

R Rajasree; G.Tamil Pavai; B Santhosh; B Sridhar; V Rudran; Mohammed Nazeem

55. Underwater Biofouling Detection Using Image Processing And Neural Network

Pages 468-477

R. Sundar; A.T. Madhavi; P. Veerakumar; Dr.Suresh. A


Pages 484-489

G. Jegadeeswari; T. Kumaran; S. Baskaran; D. Lakshmi; B. Kirubadurai

58. Influence of hydrogen augmentation in inlet air of Single cylinder energised with jatropha biodiesel mixture

Pages 490-505

Backiyaraj. A; Dr. M. Parthasarathy; N. Murugu Nachippan; T. Kumaran