Pollen Morphology Study for Tow Genus Carex L. and Cyperus L. In Iraq

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Department of field crop, College of agriculture, Kerbala University, Kerbala, Iraq


In present study, micromorphology of pollen grains characteristics of tow genus belonging to cyperaceae family, which included four species of Cyperus L. which it ( C.difformis L., C.rotundus L., C.odoratus L.) , And two species of Carex L. which it ( Carex diluta ,Carex pachystylis ), The samples were collected from different region of Iraq , The study examined the Micromorphology of the pollen and showed variations, which helped to isolate the taxa at the level of genera and species, where the results of observations show that the characters studied (Polar axis length (P) , Length Equatorial axis(E), Rate P/E, Number of aperturate , Thickness of the Exine layer, Shape pollen, Pollen layer under light microscope ), The results showed that there was a variance of most of the above-mentioned traits. The pollen shape showed was in two shapes: Oblate Spheroidal and Sub Oblate . At the level of the size, C.rotundus recorded the largest size of the pollen which isolated from other species while the species Cyperus difformis the smallest size ,also result indicate a good quantitative relationship between surface pollen assemblages and local vegetation Significant differences in diversity of pollen flora, pollen amounts. spatial differences of pollen assemblages are relevant to different regional topography and climatic conditions. The rest of the traits were also given, taxonomic importance in isolating species from one another.