A Study on Green Banking Initiatives in Selected Private Sector Banks with Reference to Bangalore city

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Assistant professor Department of Commerce and management, International Institute of Business Studies, Bangalore


In this present scenario of globalization, as we pass through 21st century, one thing that we miss very badly is the depletion of greenery. As everybody in this society is becoming more and more concerned and worried about the natural environment, business organizations and corporations have started modifying their working in an attempt to increase greenery to the maximum possible. Green banking means combining operational improvements, technology and changing client habits in banking business. It means promoting environmental-friendly practices. This comes in many forms such as – using online banking instead of branch banking; paying bills online instead of mailing them; opening up CDs and money market accounts at online banks, instead of large multi-branch banks; or finding the local bank in the area that is taking the biggest steps to support local green initiatives. It is also known as ethical bank or sustainable bank. Banks should promote those products, process and technology which substantially reduce the carbon footprint from the environment.