Automatic Door Lock System by Face Recognition

Document Type : Primary Research paper


1 B.Tech ( Scholar), School of Computer Science & Engineering , Sandip University , Nashik , India

2 Assistant Professor , School of Computer Science & Engineering , Sandip University , Nashik , India

3 Associate Professor , School of Computer Science & Engineering , Sandip University , Nashik , India


Today we deal with safety and safety problems in every element. So, we have to deal with these problems by utilizing upgraded innovation. In this job, we utilize the Deal with acknowledgment component to catch human pictures and suit with kept data source pictures. If it suits the licensed individual after that the system will open the door by an electromagnetic secure. They require a quick and precise face acknowledgment system that constantly enhances, which can spot intruders and limits all unapproved individuals from extremely protected locations, and helps reduce human mistakes. Deal with acknowledgment is one of the primary Protected Systems compared to the biometric pattern acknowledgment method which is utilized in a big range of applications. The moment and precision element are considered regarding the primary issue which defines the efficiency of automated dealing with acknowledgment in realtime atmospheres. Different services have been suggested utilizing multicore systems. By thinking about today's difficulty, this offers the total building development and suggests an evaluation for a real-time deal with an acknowledgment system with the Ficherface formula. This formula transforms the picture from shade to greyscale picture and splits it into pixels and it'll be assigned throughout a matrix development and people pictures will be kept in the data source. If a photo is spotted after the microcontroller will send out power to the electric motor chauffeur system after that the electromagnetic secure will open the door and it'll secure once again when there's no power provided to that system. Lastly, this paper wraps up the progressed applications accomplished by incorporating installed system designs versus the convention. We have proposed a face recognition door lock system using Breadboard for security purposes. Implementation of the system is for monitoring whether any unknown person is entering the door. We have established communication with electronic devices throughface detection with the help of the Pi camera Breadboard platform. For software coding Python and Open CV libraries are used. We have proposed the Haar classifier method for face detection to get an accurate and clear picture of an intruder. As soon as the person enters near the door, the pi camera captures the image, and the face detection process is done then if it matches with database images then the door is unlocked otherwise a message with the picture of a person will be sent to the registered mobile through GSM and LAN network.