Isolation of Micro-Fungi from Some Macro- Fungi Soils

Document Type : Primary Research paper


1 Department of Biology, College of Education for Pure Sciences, University of Tikrit

2 Department of Biotechnology, College of Applied Sciences, University of Samarra

3 Department of Pathological Analysis, College of Applied Sciences, University of Samarra


Micro-fungi were isolated and diagnosed from the soil of some large fungi growing in some areas of Salah Al-Din Governorate, as 6 types of micro-fungi were isolated and classified ( Alternaria alternate ، Aspergillus terreus ، Fusarium ventricosum ،Fusarium ventricosum ، Penicillium corylophilum ، Rhizopus stolonifer ، Trichoderma koningii) Growing in the soil of large fungi, (Coprinellus micaceus ، Coprinellus radians ، Lactocollybia variicystis ، Coprinellus flocculosus ، Coprinellus disseminatus، Psathyrella spadiceogrisea ) Based on the phenotypic and microscopic characteristics, and the reason for the presence of these species in some areas of Salah al- Din Governorate is due to the diversity of their botanical presence (trees, shrubs, herbs, cultivated plants and wild plants) and the diversity of their geographical characteristics (river banks, desert and hills) and that this fungus has important roles in recycling elements ( Cracking of permanent polymers) Analytical dye such as malformated cellulose and in the medical, pharmaceutical and industrial fields, as well as in the agricultural fields and the treatment of pollutants. The frequency of microfungi on soil Coprinellus micaceus 2 types of micro fungi and Coprinellus radians 6 types of micro fungi was the highest compared to the frequency of micro fungi on the rest of the soil of large fungi.