A Review Article on 3D Printing Technology and Its Medical Applications

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Walchand College of Engineering, Sangli.


3D printing is a hot topic of today's technology discussion. A large number of research papers on additive manufacturing and its application in medical cases are published every year. A significant body of work from this will be examined and various applications of 3D printing in the medical field will be analyzed to provide the best and most reliable method for the development of scaffolds and biomedical implants. This study aims to show the advantages of 3D printing compared to traditional manufacturing methods. There are numerous applications of additive manufacturing in the different areas of today's world. The aim of the article is to show the 3D printing technology in medicine and its advantages alongside current and future applications. Conclusion: The article presents the literature review on the medical application of 3D printing and its future area of application. 3D medical models are reverse engineered to design and manufacture custom implants and bones. It has been adapted and modified to suit the patient's requirements. It can be different for each patient and can be changed. Compared to other manufacturing methods, it offers extensive benefits to mankind in a short period of time.