Face Mask Detection System Using Artificial Intelligence

Document Type : Primary Research paper


1 B.Tech Scholar , School of computer Science & Engineering , Sandip University , Nashik , India

2 Assistant Professor , School of computer Science & Engineering , Sandip University , Nashik , India


In the current pandemic, Covid-19 has taught America the importance of masks, and we need to be more aware of the serious consequences of not wearing masks than in the past. Currently, there is no mask in the crowded area, but now we like to think that the most important thing in transitions, crowded areas, shops, home schools, nursing homes is the line. Mask detectors for public safety. In this article, we are trying to make a 2-phase mask that can be used easily in the shop above. Thanks to pc Vision, it is now possible to observe and use on a large scale. We have use CNN as our model. The processing is done in Python and using the python script we can train our mask on our selected data using TensorFlow and Kera’s. We provide more powerful features and we have trained our models on different sizes, we like to generate data with different sizes and extensions so the model can clearly recognize and recognize the sales face in live video. The training model has always been tested on both video and stills and outperformed the original model in all cases.