Description of Sati's Body Sacrifice in Various Religious Texts

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1 Research Scholar Dr. C V Raman University, Kota, Bilaspur

2 Associate Professor Dr. C V Raman University, Kota, Bilaspur


In the past, the gods Asura and Maharishi Gana went to the summit of the Himalayas to worship Shiva. There, Shankar and Devi, seated on the divine seat, gave darshan to those deities etc. At that time, Lord Sadashiv, who was with the goddess, being immersed in his glory, the father-in-law Daksha, who had come, should be given special respect than the gods. Couldn't even remember this thing. Unaware of the supreme glory of Lord Shiva and Sati and considering Goddess Sati as only daughter, Daksha started hating Sati. Daksha did not invite not only Shiva but also his daughter to the Yagya. Then Goddess Sati started going to her father's house after hearing her father's yajna from Narad ji. Hearing the insult of her husband from the mouth of her father, Goddess Sati felt very sad. Because of this Goddess Sati abandoned her body in the Havan altar.