Application of Nanotechnology in Food packaging: A review

Document Type : Primary Research paper


College of Agricultural Engineering Sciences, University of Baghdad, Iraq


Nanotechnology is used in food packaging to improve packaging properties such
as gas leakage, heat and moisture resistance during packaging. Nanoparticles provide
antimicrobial features through the development of innovative packaging systems to sense
biochemical or microbial changes in food and detect the causes of food contamination and
diseases to be used as a product monitoring tool for food safety and to avoid food fraud.
Recently, nanoshells have been produced consisting of templates of polymers, where the
dimensions of the pore holes are controlled, enabling them to prevent the exchange of
moisture and gases with the external medium, which affects the distribution and use of
coloring materials, flavoring materials, antioxidants, enzymes and anti-brown coloring
materials. In packaging fresh food products such as meat, cheese, vegetables, fruits and
others and preserving them even after opening the package by treating the surfaces of the
outer packages with a thin transparent anti-oxidant layer.