Google Assistant based Device Control

Document Type : Primary Research paper


PG Student, SKN Sinhgad College of Engineering, Pandharpur


This research works presents the development of a smart home using Google Assistant. The idea behind this is to control home devices with voice. In the market there are many devices available to do that. But making your own is awesome. Proposed system built personal assistant that will do the work according to command. The assistant requires voice commands. In this proposed work, single board computer i.e. Raspberry pi is used which is linked to IFTTT website. Then voice commands are added for Google assistant. In this home appliances like Bulb, cooling fan, and motor are used which can be controlled easily using Google assistant from the voice control. In this system Google assistant is installed in raspberry pi and Raspberry pi is attached with a mic which takes all the voice commands through which it will automatically control the home appliances. As the user gives the voice command to the mic, according to that the home appliances can be switched ON/OFF accordingly.