Nutritional importance for aquaculture and ecological function of microorganisms that make up Biofloc, a review

Document Type : Review paper



The objective of this review is to provide an overview of the nutritional importance and ecological function of microorganisms in Biofloc systems. For the elaboration of this review different databases were consulted, principally, PubMed, Scopus, Web of Science and Scielo. First, it is described the interactions between bacteria and phytoplankton in Biofloc, which are important for maintenance of water quality, because they are involved in transformation of organic matter and a better removal of contaminant residues such as nitrogenous compounds. Also, these organisms are important for aquatic ecosystems because they are an essential component of trophic nets in activity and biomass quantity, contributing to regeneration of nutrients and interacting with many organisms serving as base of food chain. Subsequently, mention is made of relevance of zooplankton that develops in Biofloc culture systems, because they represent a key role in animal’s nutrition in culture and have proven benefits in growth rates, in food conversion factor and reduction in costs associated to commercial food.