Population and reproductive biology of two species of brachyuran crabs (Family: Grapsidae) Sesarma (Chiromantes) bidens and Metopograpsus maculatus at coastal belt of Midnapore, West Bengal, India

Document Type : Primary Research paper



This study deals with population dynamics, sex ratio and fecundity of twobrachyuran crabs viz.  Sesarma (Chiromantes) bidens and Metopograpsus maculatus belonging to order decapoda and family grapsidae. The present study was conducted during March, 2008 to February, 2010 at two contrasting eco-zones viz. Khejuri-Boga (mixed sand and mudflats endowed with mangroves patches) and Nayachar Island (a newly developed and eco-restored deltaic island) situated on the Hooghly estuary in the intertidal belts of Midnapore coast, India. Role of pronounced ecological parameters influencing the ecology, population and habitat preferences have also been taken into consideration.