The genus Chirostoma (Actinopterygii: Atheriniformes) in Mexico: Challenge for conservation and aquaculture technology

Document Type : Primary Research paper



Aquaculture and fisheries represent an important factor in the development of many worldwide communities and in small and large-scale activities for only the 8% of world population. Considering the small-scale fisheries and aquaculture activities as income and animal protein sources of people who work in these habitats, it is unavoidable to take into account economic, social and cultural aspects. Usually this type of activities uses endemic species, as in the case of Mexico, with genus Chirostoma (commonly called white fish or "charales"), which many Mexican families depend almost exclusively on their extraction. Today this genus faces serious problems due to overexploitation, habitat loss and the introduction of exotic species. The most viable option for recovery and subsequent commercial production is the culture and cleaning up of their habitat. In the first case are already made significant efforts for cultivation, however, nothing has been done by the second problem. The goal of this paper is show the present state of the species of the genus Chirostoma, giving options to improve their current condition.