Intensive culture of Artemia urmiana in semi-flow through system feeding on Algae Dunaliella and Wheat bran

Document Type : Primary Research paper



Artemia is a tiny crustacean that lives in salty lakes. Artemia urmiana is one of the important species of it. Its high nutritional values and various forms with many applications have caused this creature to be considered as the most valuable live food for the cultured aquatic animals .Current research was carried out in order to find out the bio-technique for intensive culture of Artemia with semi-flow through system using unicellular algae ( Dunaliella ) and wheat bran as food source. The tanks inoculated with 5000 newly hatched Artemia larvae/liter. Artemia were harvested for 14 days. The average production of live Artemia in each three tanks reached to 7116.7 g. The mean length of Artemia in the last day of culture period was 4.09 mm and mean survival rate 42 percent. It was concluded that partial removal of waste material from culture medium helps in higher production rate of live biomass.