Length weight relationship and relative condition factor of Schizopyge esocinus (Heckel, 1838) from Jhelum River, Kashmir

Document Type : Primary Research paper



The length-weight relationship of Schizopyge esocinus were calculated for males, females. The relationship was analyzed using the formula W= a Lb which was further transformed into Log W = a+b logL. A total of 582 specimens comprising 277 males, 305 females with different size groups. The equation obtained for males was; log W = - 4.1567 + 2.897 logL; for females: logW = - 4.5089 + 2.8618 logL; The regression coefficients between males and females did not show any significant difference while significant difference could be noticed between males and between females (p < 0.01). Studies on relative condition factor (Kn) of Schizopyge esocinus revealed that the fluctuations in 'Kn' values can be attributed to spawning cycle as well as feeding intensity.