Perception Of Students Towards Virtual Learning – An Emerging Pedagogy

Document Type : Primary Research paper



The unexpected pandemic of Corona Virus has brought the world to its knees.From streets buzzing with life and activity,we witnessed dead silence. Even the education field is not an exception to this. Schools and colleges continue to remain closed indefinitely. Although, students were happy that they need not go to college initially, it is now a question of their degree/career. Amongst the many challenges faced, the education system wasa major one among them. The overall process of education has faced a drastic change across the world. We cannot follow the traditional method of teaching and learning methods anymore. We are forced to follow the new digital technology - that is nothing but Online Learning System through virtual platform, this is nothing but learning through the internet. This new pedagogy is computer-basedteaching, learning and assessment. With the second wave arriving in different states and country, it is essential to work around the new circumstances and challenges that daunt us.Students are forced to adapt themselves to this emerging technology such as E- learning and Google Class Room to experience the learning potentials through online platform. But as usual students are facing certain difficulties while exploring the online platform. This paper addresses the pros and cons of online learning and the suggestions to overcome and improve quality of learning better for the future generation as well.