Volume & Issue: Volume 12, Issue 2, Winter and Spring 2021 
6. A Novel Security Approach For Mitigating Packet Dropping Attack In Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Pages 39-48

Ranjeeth Kumar Sundararajan; P Sivanesan; James Manoharan.J

7. R – Number Of Some Families Of Graphs

Pages 49-57

S. Vimalajenifer; Selvam Avadayappan; M. Bhuvaneshwari

12. Intuitionistic Fuzzy Local Function In Topology

Pages 98-103

P. Thirunavukarasu; R Revathy

15. Isolate Detour Eccentric Domination in Graphs

Pages 119-125

R Priyadharshini; A Mohamed Ismayil

16. Sum Graphs & Its Related Concepts

Pages 126-129

C. David Raj; K. Rubin Mary; K. Chinju Krishna

17. Production Inventory Models For Deterioration Items Using Penalty, Transportation And Shortage Cost: A Fuzzy Approach

Pages 130-138

J Jayanthi; Reshmaa Raaj M.R; Sri Ram Siddarth M; M Surendhar; Shyamala Devi V; Ruthra R

20. A Special Type Of Minimal Dominating Fuzzy Graph

Pages 154-159

A. Nagoor Gani; A. Nafiunisha; P. Muruganantham

23. An Application Of Max-Radial Number Of Graphs In Game Theory

Pages 175-184

M. Mathan; M. Bhuvaneshwari; Selvam Avadayappan

26. Perception Of Students Towards Virtual Learning – An Emerging Pedagogy

Pages 201-207

Indra Balini A.; Malar Packyanathan; N. Elizabeth

27. A Study Of Health Insurance In India

Pages 208-212

P. Ramalakshmi; M. Kallaganadi

30. An Economic Analysis Of Dairy Industry In India

Pages 228-233

Senthoorapandiyan. Senthoorapandiyan.; G. JAYASANKAR

35. Multispectral spectroscopic analysis for classification

Pages 264-270

Rikin Nayak; Axat Patel; Hardik Jayswal; Chintal Raval

40. Change Of Work Culture During Covid-19

Pages 308-314

Madhumathi T K; C Nagadeepa; Snehavalli R

41. Amid COVID-19, Tobacco: A Threat To All Life

Pages 315-322

Ranjit Singha; Yogesh Kanna S

43. Virtual Enrollment Platform to Fulfill Social Distancing: COVID-19

Pages 331-338

Kevin Sanchez; Alex Pacheco; Nestor Cuba; Rosario Pariona; Bertha Larico

46. Fuzzified M/M/1 Traffic Model

Pages 361-367

M. Bhuvaneshwari; W. Ritha

56. Solutions Of Negative Pell’s Equation Involving Interprimes

Pages 452-459

M. Sureshkumar; J. Kannan; M. Cruz; P. Vijayashanthi

62. A Study On The Impact Of Social Media And Youth At Present

Pages 508-511

J. Angelin Chitra; A. Umesh Samuel Jebaseelan

68. Transdisciplinary Research: A Social Work Perspective

Pages 549-557

A. Umesh Samuel Jebaseelan; Clayton Michael Fonceca

73. Child Rearing Practices Among Women In Police Profession

Pages 588-594

Shalini .L Esther; Rani S. Esther

75. Teacher Competencies Of College Teachers

Pages 603-609

G Glenny Jocelyn; J. Michael Sammanasu

89. Medical Social Work in India

Pages 705-713

Priya S. Dev; J.O. Jeryda Gnanajane Eljo

110. Women Education And Empowerment In India: Choices And Challenges

Pages 855-862

Arockia Stalin G; F Lourdnathan; Raja Kamal Ch


Pages 917-622

Risvan M.Y; M Selvamanickam; Jeeva Gladys; K Balagurusamy

119. Phylogenitic analysis of Biofilm Association Protein (BapA) amplicons in Salmonella Typhi Carrier in Gallbladder Diseases Patients in Thi-Qar Province/Iraq

Pages 931-939

Zaman K. Hanan; Manal B. Saleh; Ezat H. Mezal; Mohammed A. S Issa; Rasha Q.Al-jauher; Mohaned A. Akmoush

122. Contracts for Durable Concrete Structures: A Case Study

Pages 955-962

A. Paulmakesh; Gizachew Markos Makebo

125. Learning By Doing: Enhancing Speaking Skills Of Engineering Students Through The Tbl Approach

Pages 980-986

Nagendra Rao Howji; Sharada Allamneni; Ajit Kumar Pradhan; Vijaya Kumar Chavan

127. Humanism in Short Stories of Rabindranath Tagore

Pages 996-1000

Rani B.Shoba; T. Sandhyarani; A. Satya. Phani Kumari; Waheed Shafiah

128. SYLVIA PLATH: A Frosted Profile

Pages 1001-1006

M.V. Ramana Moorthy; T. Pratyusha

130. Reading As A Promoter Of Advanced Vocabulary

Pages 1013-1018

Karka Ramakrishna Reddy; Sabitha Francis

145. Developing Proficiency Skills In Rural Indian Students, Strategies For Improving Speaking Skills

Pages 1118-1122

B. Rambabu; Siva Nagaiah Bolleddu; M.Sandra Carmel Sophia; P.S R Ch.L.V .Prasad

148. Translation: An Act Of Creativity

Pages 1133-1138

Leena B. Chandnani

152. The Noteworthy Traits InRobert Browning’s Poetry:

Pages 1165-1168

P.V.RAVI KUMAR; P. Kiranmai

164. College Online Voting System

Pages 1241-1248

R. Divakar Subbram; V. Kowsika; K. Girinath; K. Karthick

165. E-Postoffice

Pages 1249-1253

S. Monisha; V. Visudh; S. SarathKumar

166. Food Ordering System

Pages 1254-1259

T. Naveen Kumar; S. Karthi; M. Mohanasundari; D. Manojkumar

167. Gη-Closed, Continuity And Contra Continuity In Topological Ordered Spaces

Pages 1260-1269

K. Sumathi; T. Arunachalam; D. Subbulakshmi; T. Arunachalam

169. Life Blood Contribution

Pages 1277-1282

K. Kaviya; G. Arutperunjothi; N. Priyanka; Divyadharshine K.

170. Interlocking Stabilized Soil blocks using red earth in Construction

Pages 1283-1292

A. Paulmakesh; Gizachew Markos Makebo

172. Secure File Downloading System

Pages 1300-1305

R. Sowmiya; V. Nikitha; N. Subash

173. Statistical Entity Extraction From Web

Pages 1306-1310

S. Kayathri; S. Vanisri; M. Gobinath

174. Trust Modelling

Pages 1311-1315

S. Ramya; S. Ragavi; K. Sivasakthi

175. Vehicle document verificati on using qrcode

Pages 1316-1321

K. Hariharan; A. Gopi; K. Nandhagopal

176. To Prevent A Mucormycosis Infection From Saline Water

Pages 1322-1324

Shraddha Upadhyay; Jitendra Kumar

181. An Economic Impact Of Covid-19 In India

Pages 1360-1366

J Leo; S Srinivasan; C D Nanda Kumar

183. Remote monitoring of Agriculture sector using IOT

Pages 1373-1379

Shivam Pathak; Mr. Shivam; Tarun Yadav; Ashish Gupta

184. Online Teaching As An Alternative To Offline Teaching

Pages 1380-1385

Andoju Srinivasulu; Swathi Chikkala; C. Raghavendra; A Vijaya Lakshmi; Naga Manikanta Garapati

186. Electron Transport Coefficients ForCHF3

Pages 1394-1405

Dr.Mohammad M. Othman

189. Existence results for the Solutions of Fractional Evolution Equations with Noninstantaneous Impulses

Pages 1432-1442

Vishant Shah; Jaita Sharma; Prakashkumar H. Patel; Haribhai R. Kataria

190. Computer Simulation Of Weirs In A Crest

Pages 1443-1451

Mohd Norazmi bin Nordin

191. Isolated Connected Domination In Graphs

Pages 1452-1457

Sivagnanam Mutharasu; V. Nirmala

194. DNA Barcoding depicts cryptic diversity within Barilius bendelisis (Cypriniformes: Cyprinidae) from India

Pages 1472-1481


195. Emergent Soft Skills Applying “Literature Circles”

Pages 1482-1490

S. AMMANI; Swathi Koppolu; Swathi Chikkala; Rama Rao Majji; B Sreekanth Reddy

196. The Significance Of “Mobile Assisted Language Learning” (MALL) In Developing Literacy Skills Among ESL Learners In A Digital Age

Pages 1491-1498

Palla VenkataMurali; C.S. Srinivas; Anumula Venkata Surya; Mani Kiran Peeka; V. TulasiRao


Pages 1510-1518

Dr. Uljaeva Sh. M; Doc. Nazarov Kh. N; Ass. Inagamova G.T.; Ass. Gofurova H.G.; Ass. Baxtiyorov L.X.

199. H_k- Cordial labeling of Some Graph and its Corona Graph

Pages 1519-1534

Jayshree Ratilal Joshi; Dharamvirsinh Parmar

204. Analysis Of Energy Consumption In Wireless Sensor Networks

Pages 1589-1594

M.S. Nidhya; L. Jayanthi; D. ChristySujatha; P. LalithaKumari


Pages 1678-1682

Ms. Deepa Thanekar; Dr. Vidya Nakhate; Prof. Revati Rautrao

215. Biodiversity Preservation & Access And Benefit Sharing Law In India

Pages 1692-1700

M.Z.M. Nomani; Ghazal Salahuddin; Madiha Tahreem

216. Secured Wireless Connectivity With Machine Learning Optimized Flawless Iot

Pages 1701-1711

Dr.A.M. Saravanan; Dr.Monika Bhatnagar; Ajay Kumar Chauhan; Dr.G.Naga Rama Devi; Dr.Kalaivani Ramanathan; Purnendu Shekhar Pandey

217. Iot-Enabled Wireless Sensor Networks For Controlled And Safe Routing

Pages 1712-1718

Purnendu Shekhar Pandey; D. Eswara Chaitanya; Dr. Vinodh Kumar Minchula; D Sreekanth; Dr. V. Premchandran; Dr.Keerthika T

218. An Iot Based Machine Learning Technique For Efficient Online Load Forecasting

Pages 1719-1724

Dr.A.M. Saravanan; Dr.R. Rajavignesh; Dr. Baranilingesan. I; Dr.S.P. Anandaraj; Dr. S. Selvakanmani; Purnendu Shekhar Pandey

219. Iot-Driven Model For Collaboration Based On Learning Paradigms

Pages 1725-1731

Praveen Kumar Kaithal; Dr Minal Saxena; Praveen Kumar R; Prof. Deepa Nair; Dr.S.Thanga Ramya; Divya Kumar

220. Analyzing Various Graph Theory Applications Using Mathematical And Computational Intelligence Approach

Pages 1732-1743

Dr.R. Vijaya; Dr.K. Maheswari; Utpal Saikia; Dr.Shaik.Shakeer Basha; Dr.Syed Khasim; Dr. R. Sreeparimala

221. Comparison Of Fuzzy Logic Systems And Its Applications Using Mathematical And Technological Perspective

Pages 1744-1754

Dr.R. Vijaya; Dr.K. Maheswari; Dr.Chandrika V S; Dr.T.Ajith Bosco Raj; Dr. R. Sreeparimala; Dr.S. Karthick

222. A Survey On Online Library Management Systems And Internet Reference Accessing Portal Using Online Learning Agents

Pages 1755-1762

Dr.S.S. Aravinth; Aiswarya .S; Amin Tuni Gure; Durga Prasad Sharma; Nitish Kumar Choudhary; Naveen P

223. Analyzing The Performance Of Marketing Life Cycle Process Using Software Architecture Model

Pages 1763-1769

Dr.Shaik.Shakeer Basha; S. Mahalakshmi; Amin Tuni Gure; Durga Prasad Sharma; Dr.Syed Khasim; P N Jeipratha

226. Cull-chickpea meal as a partial substitute for fishmeal in the diet of juvenile Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus)

Pages 1791-1796

Marcela Muñoz-Peñuela; Manuel García-Ulloa; Sergio Medina-Godoy; Hervey Rodríguez-González

237. Chemically Reactive Darcy- Forchheimer Flow of Cross Fluid by an Inclined Plate with Heat Source

Pages 1883-1894

Darapuneni Purna Chandar Rao; Swaminathan Thiagarajan; VajhaSrinivas Kumar

240. Paradigm Shift In Technology For Public Health Forensics

Pages 1923-1927

Sweta Singh; Priyanka Talmale

241. Building a Smart Hydroponic Farming with Aquaculture using IoT and Big data

Pages 1928-1936

Chara Girma Tamana; T. Nadana Ravishankar; Gadisa Kana Bakala; T. Samraj Lawrence; S. Karthikeyan; V. Saravanan

242. Geo Fencing of Agricultural Lands Based On Soil Quality Using Drones and Smart Devices

Pages 1937-1948

Buli Yohannis Tasisa; P.T. Kalaivaani; T. Ch. Anil Kumar; Paritala Jhansi Rani; S. Selvakanmani; V. Elanangai

243. Iot-Enabled Water Management For Improving The Crop Health In Smart Agriculture Farming

Pages 1949-1957

K. Lakshmi Narayanan; Ankit Chakravarti; Mihretab Tesfayohanis; V. S. Bhagavan Bhagavan; Ahmad Jawad Niazi; H. Parveen Sultana

244. Cloud Security Solutions Through Machine Learning- Approaches:A Survey

Pages 1958-1972

K. Samunnisa; G. Sunil Vijaya Kumar; K. Madhavi

246. Analysis of Support Vector Machine Model in Forecasting the One Year Ahead Water Quality of the River Ganga

Pages 1987-2001

Anil Kumar Bisht; Ravendra Singh; Rakesh Bhutiani; Ashutosh Bhatt

247. Development Of Flexible Organic Wireless Rf Devices Utilizing Doppler Radar Fabric Antenna

Pages 2002-2006

A.Durga Bhavani; S. Parameswari; Dr. P. Sampath; Nisha A K; Ch.Manohar Kumar; Tulluri Sateesh

248. Biomanure For Agricultural Waste By Improving Bio-Release In Soil Porosity And Organic Carbons And Nutrients

Pages 2007-2011

Atul K. Wanjari; K.Suresh Kumar; Dr N Saranya; Dr.K Baba Pai; Shyam Kumar Katta; Bassa Satyannarayana

249. Artificial Heavy-Duty Structural Technology For Ai Mobile Robots To Control Dynamic Programming

Pages 2012-2017

Syed Khasim; M.S. Rohokale; Sathish Kumar D; B Sarath Chandra; Dr.Shaik Shakeer Basha; Rahul Neware

250. A Survey On Ai In Different Application Domains

Pages 2018-2025

Dr.Shaik Shakeer Basha; Dr.Sumaya Sanober; P. Praveena; Dr.S M Udhaya Sankar; Dr.Syed Khasim; Naveen P

251. Improve The Effectiveness In The Solar Tracking System Using Nodemcu Microcontroller

Pages 2026-2032

Dr.V. Shanmugasundaram; Anjali Nighoskar; Sampathkumar R; Dr C Balakrishnan; K. Suresh; Dr Sudharsan Jayabalan

252. Development And Organize Of Wireless Sensor Network In Home Management Using Iot

Pages 2033-2039

Dr Shafiqul Abidin; Mukesh Kumar Dhariwal; Dr Kantilal P. Rane; Dr.G. Sivakumar; Dr. D Vijendra Babu; I.Ravi Kumar

253. Sensor Network Security In Low Power Hardware Development Through Ntpc

Pages 2040-2045

Rahul Neware; A. Praveena; Dr. Parkavi K; Dr.K Baba Pai; Lokanayaki Karnan; Dr.Sivakumar Ponnusamy

254. Enhance The Electrocatalytic Activity Of Nanocomposites In Supercondensators Using Go_Mno2

Pages 2046-2051

Dr Bassa Satyannarayana; Dr Dadapeer Basheer; Dr N Saranya; Rajendra D Ghodile; Dr. Atul K. Wanjari; Dr.Bazani Shaik

255. Analyzing Employee And Employer Relationship Using Data Interpolation And Prediction

Pages 2052-2061

Dr.K. Sathish Kumar; Anindita Saha; Dr.G.Naga Rama Devi; L Chandra Sekhar Reddy; Dr.Bazani Shaik; Dr.P.Vishnu Raja

256. Development Of Machine Learning Techniques To Differentiate COVID-19 Indications From Serious Diseases

Pages 2062-2067

Dr.Neelamadhab Padhy; Praveen Yadav; Dr.Syed Khasim; Dr.Shaik Shakeer Basha; Purshottam J. Assudani; S. Ranjana

257. Automated Visual Assessment From Optical Data Sets To Enhance The Accuracy Of Data Analysis

Pages 2068-2074

Dr.Syed Khasim; Dr.Neelamadhab Padhy; Dr. Sarita V Balshetwar; Dr. G. Sivakumar; Dr.Shaik Shakeer Basha; Jeipratha P N

258. Deep Convolutional Neural Networks For Analyzing Electromagnetic Waves Using Maxwell Equation Model

Pages 2075-2084

Dr.Shaik Shakeer Basha; Dr Diana Moses; G. Saravanan; Dr.Sumaya Sanober; Dr.Syed Khasim; Dr. S. Selvakanmani

259. The Internet Of Things On Neural Networks Provides Intelligent Healthcare Management For Diabetic Patients

Pages 2085-2091

S. Mahalakshmi; Saiyed Faiayaz Waris; Dr.U. Vijaysankar; Dr.R. Jayavadivel; Vaishali Chandrakant Shelar; Purshottam J. Assudani

260. Time Series Analysis Of Water Quality Prediction Model For Rivers Using Machine Learning Approach

Pages 2099-2114

Anil Kumar Bisht; Ravendra Singh; Rakesh Bhutiani; Ashutosh Bhatt

262. Physiological Demonstrating of Retinal Layers for Recognizing the Level of View of Individuals with Strabismus

Pages 2125-2133

Sanda Sri Harsha; A V Praveen Krishna; Katragadda Raghuveer; K.Venkata Prasad

270. Recognitionand Identification Of Forest Firingwithconvolution Neural Network

Pages 2198-2204

Garigipati Rama K rishna; Dr. Srihari Varma Mantena; G. Anil kumar


Pages 2205-2213

G. Malar Selvi; S. Girirajan; J. Briskilal

276. Reduction of Peak to Average Power Ratio in OFDM System by Using Selected Mapping Technique

Pages 2241-2247

Thalapaneni Penchala Naidu; Madhavareddy Venkata Narayana; Govardhani Immadi

277. Implementation Of Smart City Applications Through IOT

Pages 2248-2253

Thalapaneni Penchala Naidu; Madhavareddy Venkata Narayana; Govardhani Immadi; Sk Hasane Ahammad

281. Sub-Atomic Absorption In Atomsphere Using Millimeter Wave Communication

Pages 2280-2289

Dr. P. Syam Sundar; Dr. K. Sarat Kumar; Dr. K. Ch. Sri Kavya; Dr. M. Suman

282. A Technological Survey On Terahertz Antennas And Its Integrated Systems

Pages 2290-2289

ThalapaneniPenchala Naidu; Madhavareddy Venkata Narayana; Govardhani Immadi; SK Hasane Ahammad

283. Telegram Bot Guide For Home Appliances

Pages 2299-2306

Thalapaneni Penchala Naidu; P. Sundaraiah; Madhavareddy Venkata Narayana; Govardhani Immadi

284. Application of Machine Learning to Improve Consumer Devices and Services

Pages 2307-2314

Gazala Masood; Prof. Ajay Bansal; Vipin Jain; Dhiraj Kapila; Asha P.; Sushma Jaiswal

285. A Review On Classification Of Liver Disease

Pages 2315-2322

Dr. P. Syam Sundar; K Pavan Kumar; Dr. K. Sarat Kumar; Dr. M. Suman; Dr. K. Ch. Sri Kavya

286. A review on Image Processing system for the Computerized Segmentation of the Spinal Cord

Pages 2323-2331

Dr. P. Syam Sundar; Dr. P.Poorna Priya; Dr. K. Sarat Kumar; Dr. M. Suman; Dr. K. Ch. Sri Kavya

288. Cryptography Techniques and Internet of Things Applications – A Modern Survey

Pages 2338-2371

S. Sarveswaran; G. Shangkavi; Naveenbalaji Gowthaman; S. Vasanthaseelan

289. Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator Based Wind Energy Conversion System With Power Management System Using V/F Technique

Pages 2372-2382

Dr. Firos A; Dr. Joshi. Vinayak. Bhalachandra; Dr. Sidagouda Patil; Emmanuel Babu Pukkunnen; Lakshmi Devadas; Sabarimuthu. M

290. Investigations Oncloud, Wireless Networking And Block Chain For High Encrypted Communications - A Detailed Survey

Pages 2383-2403

G. Shangkavi; S. Sarveswaran; Naveenbalaji Gowthaman; S. Vasanthaseelan

291. Space Vector Pwm Based Matrix Converter With Wecs Using Dfig

Pages 2404-2414

Dr.Firos A; Dr. Joshi. Vinayak. Bhalachandra; J. Samson Isaac; Dr. Sidagouda Patil; Lakshmi Devadas; Dr.Jeno Paul.P

294. Agile Corporate Boards to Drive Change In Organisation

Pages 2441-2447

S. Srinivasa Raghavan; Dr. S. Abdul Rasheed

296. Does Innovation Instigated by Market Orientation and Financial Literacy Impact Business Performance in SMEs in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka?

Pages 2456-2464

Mohamed Casim Abdul Nazar; Ahamed Lebbe Mohamed Abdul Shameem; Mohamed Ismail Mujahid Hilal

298. Physiological Evaluation Of Someoxidative Stressbiomarkers And Enzymatic Endogenous Antioxidantamong Acute Cholecystitis Patients

Pages 2479-2488

Aqdas Mohammed Sfaieh AL-Ta'ai; Jafar A. Issa Al-Maamori; Neseer K. Jawad Al-Maliki

300. Application Of Substitution Schemes For The Method Of Measuring The Humidity Of Bulk Materials

Pages 2494-2498

Palvan Iskandarovich Kalandarov; Zieviddin Mamurovich Mukimov

301. Further Results On F-average Eccentric Graphs

Pages 2499-2512

T. Sathiyanandham; S. Arockiaraj

304. Mining Event Log Framework Implementation

Pages 2530-2535

Senin MS; Albert Feisal@Muhd Feisal Ismail; Mohd Norazmi Nordin

308. Digital Farming: IoT Enabled Smart Sensor Based Insect and Animal Detection System

Pages 2564-2573

Prof. Subhash Chandra Yadav; Prashant Kumar; Pushpendra Kumar

310. The Issue of Climate Change In Pandemic Phase: Legal Concerns

Pages 2589-2597

Dr. Zubair Ahmed Khan; Akshay Kumar

312. Factors Influencing Online Consumers’ Buying Intention in COVID-19 Era: Evidence from South India

Pages 2607-2613

Dr. B. Subha; Prof. Ajai Abraham Thomas; Prof. Bijin Philip

313. A comparative study of tools for intrusion detection technologies in cyberspace

Pages 2614-2624

Francisco Hilario; Jorge Mayhuasca; Ciro Rodriguez; Milner Liendo; Giancarlo Sanchez

315. A Study on Factors that contribute to the failure of startups

Pages 2634-2640

Dr. Prabha Deena; Dr. Madhur Gupta

317. Dielectrophoretic Study Of Fish And Human Erythrocytes

Pages 2651-2656

Zia Ur Rahaman; Mohd Abdul Saleem; Kaleem Ahmed Jaleeli

318. Financial Inclusion As A Result Of The Digital India Initiative

Pages 2657-2667

Dr. M.Madana Mohan; PVL Narasimha Rao; Dr. P. Chakravarthi; Dr. M.Ananda Rao

319. Peruvian telemedicine and its challenges in the context of the pandemic Covid-19

Pages 2668-2675

Katherin Vanessa Rodriguez Zevallos; Christian Michael Escobedo Bailón; Mario Edison Ninaquispe Soto; Eduardo Frankling Quezada Hidalgo; Frank Escobedo Bailón; LaddyDayanaPumayauri De La Torre

320. Risk & Return Anlysis With Performance Evaluation Of Selected Mutual Fund Schemes: An Empirical Study

Pages 2676-2692

Dr. M.Madana Mohan; Dr. M.Ananda Rao; Dr. P. Chakravarthi; PVL Narasimha Rao

322. Mobile Application Based Intelligent Role of Information Technologies in Tourism Sector

Pages 2706-2731

Kotsyuba Igor; Kudriashov Alexander; Galperin Mikhail; Agapova Catherine; Bishwajeet Pandey