Volume & Issue: Volume 12, Issue 3, June 2021 (ICMMNT-2021 International Virtual Conference on Materials, Manufacturing and Nanotechnology, 30th June, 2021.) 
The Impact Of Labor Motivation Management On Labor Productivity In Small Business Enterprises

Pages 1-5

Kuchkorov GaybullaFayzullaevich; Boratov BaxtiyorSayfullaevich; Xolliyev SheraliBakhtiyorovich; Kadirov LutfulloKhalimovich

An Important Factor Determining The Quality Of Seed Potatoes

Pages 6-8

Ergashev Ibragim Tashkenovich; Oblokulov Feruz; Saidmurodova Zukhra; Begimkulov Ilkhom; Ergashev Ulugbek

On Non-Associative Algebra And Its Properties

Pages 9-16

Nosirov S obir Nosirovich; Aroev Dilshod Davronovich; Sobirov Avazbek Abdurashid ugli

Diplomatic Protocol Ceremonies In The Gardens Of Amir Temur Annotation

Pages 46-52

Dr. Uljaeva Sh.; Doc. Nazarov Kh.; Ass. Inagamova G.T.; Ass. Gofurova H.G.; Baxtiyorov L.X.

Modern Dehydration Detecting and Alerting System for Pregnant Women

Pages 53-57

N. Kripa; Dr. R. Gomalavalli; Oinam Robita Chanu

Hand written Alphanumeric Recognition

Pages 69-74

T.Uday Kumar; M.Poorna Hari Priya; S. Rishitha; G. Sai Ram; B. Keerthi Renuka

A Systematic Review of the Causes Diagnosis and Treatment of Early Childhood Dental Caries

Pages 75-86

Abdulaziz Ibrahim Almedleg; TAMEM MUSAAD M ALYAHYA; Sultan bandar mohammed Alqasem; Abdullah Mohammed Alghammas; Ali Hazza Alzahrani; FAHAD KAHLED M ALKAHTANI

Wipe Film Evaporator

Pages 87-92

Tejas Thakare; Sachin Karale

Efficient Route Detection Using Machine Learning

Pages 93-97

N. V. Naik; Sindhu Gonugunta; Tejaswini Dendukuri; Pavan Kumar Vastadu; Sri Varshitha Bobburi

Proposing Buckingham Expression for Occurrence of Breaking Waves

Pages 98-104

Hasan Ibrahim Al Shaikhli; Dr. Saleh Issa Khassaf

Antibacterial And Anticancer Fatty Acid Produced From Marine Bacilus Subtilis Avsc3: Isolation, Characterization And Biological Activity

Pages 112-122

Chandini S Syed; Amrutha V Audipudi; Lakkakula. Bhagya Lakshmi; Dr. V. Parvathi; Dr. Shaheda Niloufer

A Study On Buying Behaviour Of Consumers Towards Samsung Mobiles In Coastal Andhra Pradesh

Pages 132-138

Dr.D. Venkateswarlu; Dr.T. Rajasekhar; Dr.M.Papa Rao; Dr.K. Deepika

Customer Analytics Using K-Means Clustering And ElbowModelling With Product Associative Analysis Using Unsupervised Machine Learning

Pages 156-164

M.V.L Bhavani; Nemalidinne Rajamohan reddy; Thota Gayatri; Shaik Roshan; V Chandra sekhar

Food Safety of Soft Cheese

Pages 165-168

Fayziev D.; Ishniyazova Sh.A.

Impact of Covid19 on Indian Economy

Pages 191-196

Riya Sharma; Dr.Ambica Prakash Mani

Impact Of Covid-19 On Employment Across Sectors

Pages 197-201

Rashmi Nautiyal; Dr. Ambica Prakash Mani

Covid-19 Outbreak Prediction Through Prophet Base Model

Pages 202-214

Komal Saxen; Aakriti Vohra; Ajay Rana Rana

Semiotic Interpretation In Javanese Wayang Kulit Performance Equipments In Deli Version

Pages 215-224

muhammad Natsir; Anwar soleh Purba; Bakhrul Khair Amal; Panji Suroso

Effect of Occupational Stress on Job satisfaction and Life Satisfaction

Pages 225-233

Dr.T. Rajasekhar; Dr. D. Venkateswarlu; Dr. K.Chinni Krishna; Dr. K. Deepika

Converging Offshore Wind Energy Difficulties

Pages 249-255

Haritha K; Raju L; Dr. Rani Fathima Kamal Basha

Disease Detection through Deep Learning Over Data Analytics from Healthcare Communities

Pages 264-271

Muthukumar Subramanian; Bhupesh Goyal; Anil Kumar pandey; Priti Gupta; Bhaskar Kapoor; Sushma Jaiswal

A Study Of The Impact Of Merger Of Public Sector Banks In India

Pages 290-304

Dr. K. Yasmin; Dr. S. Sridhar; Dr. Y. Aqther Begam

Ecosystem Services Of Wetland

Pages 324-332

Mukunda Madhab Phukan

Automatic Detection And Power Shutdown For Gas Leakage And Its Monitoring System

Pages 333-340

D. Lakshmi; G. Ezhilarasi; K. Rekha; G. Jegadeeswari

Real Time Low Cost Automated Production System Using Internet Of Things

Pages 441-448

R. Elavarasi; Dr. C. Nayanatara; Dr.V. Karthikeyan


Pages 446-457

T. Banu; R.Allociuos Britto Raj Kumar; P. Saranya; R. Ramasamy

Scada Based System For Controlling And Monitoring Boiler In Ship

Pages 449-458

R Rajasree; G.Tamil Pavai; B Santhosh; B Sridhar; V Rudran; Mohammed Nazeem

Underwater Biofouling Detection Using Image Processing And Neural Network

Pages 468-477

R. Sundar; A.T. Madhavi; P. Veerakumar; Dr.Suresh. A


Pages 484-489

G. Jegadeeswari; T. Kumaran; S. Baskaran; D. Lakshmi; B. Kirubadurai


Pages 485-490

R Nesalingam; R. Mohankumar; K. P. Arulshri; R. Ramasamy; M. Venkatachalam; Banu T

Competitive Advantages Of E-Commerce Marketing In Delhi Industries

Pages 506-516

Sanjeev Kumar; Dr.Vijayendra Kumar Shrivastava

E-Commerce Marketing Strategies In The Grocery Sector: An Introduction

Pages 517-523

Sanjeev Kumar; Dr.Vijayendra Kumar Shrivastava


Pages 519-525

K. P. Arulshri; S.Selva Kumar; R. Nesalingam

The relation among vague filters and Residuated Lattices

Pages 526-531

R. Illakiya; S.Muhamead Sanawaz; Senthamil Selvi; Kavitha .

Compressive Imaging Systems For Video Surveillance Applications

Pages 547-552

R. Karthickmanoj; T. Sasilatha; J. Padmapriya

Inter Combining Quazi Z Source Network With Matrix Converter For Wind Powered Distribution System

Pages 553-561

Dr.T.Baldwin Immanuel; Mr.P. Rathnavel; A. Suresh; K. Manikandan

Econometric Modeling Of Life Length As A Factor Of The Quality Of Life Level In Uzbekistan.

Pages 571-578

Tursunov R. T; Narzullaveva D.K.; Shermukhamedov A.T.; Abdullayeva D.K.; Shermuhamedov O.A.

Analyzing Reliability And Flooding Mechanism In Multi-Hop Wireless Networks

Pages 579-584

J.S. Ashwin; D .Vani; Dr. P.Siva Perumal; S. Satish Kumar

"Effect of Hydrogen Bond on Mesomorphic Phases of Binary Liquid Crystal Complexes"

Pages 582-584

S Sundaram; G. Gowrishankar; Suganya B; Tony Diwahar, A

Implementation Of A Simplified Nine Level Dc-Ac Inverter

Pages 585-592

Satish Kumar S; Dr M. Sasikumar; Dr P Sivaperumal; JS Ashwin; Kavitha Kumari K S

Transparent Concrete –A review

Pages 585-601

LN. Aparna; Beaulah, S; Prabha Rajati

Battery Monitoring And Smart Charging Using Iot For Electrical Vehicle Applications

Pages 593-601

G. Themozhi; A. Prabha; P. Radhakrishnan; K. Manigandan

Fuzzy – Discrete wavelet Transform aided SCII based IDVR for Mitigating Power Quality Issues

Pages 602-615

P. Sivaperumal; Subranhsu Sekhar Dash; Sathish Kumar; J.S. Ashwin

Design and Fabrication of Camouflage UAV

Pages 602-605

A. Balthilak; P. Saranya; K. Karthika; T. Banu; S. Paul Arokiam


Pages 611-614

N. Subha; Dr.S. Naganandini; S. Ramesh Raja


Pages 615-619

S. Mohan; P. Sakthi Illakkiya; S. Saravanakumar; S.Suganya Devi; P. Sindu


Pages 620-626

S.Suganya Devi; K.Amuthambigayin Sundari; A.Anjana Karthiga; M. Banu; A. Anitha; P. Sindhu

Smart room Automation using sensors and GSM module

Pages 632-639

P.Vinoth Kumar; P.Sathish Khanna; Arthi J; Arul Rajan P; Arunkumar S

Convex and Weakly Convex Subsets of a Pseudo Ordered Set

Pages 655-661

Sheeba Maybell; A. Abinaya; Karthik S; Shinduja, V


Pages 675-681

T. Banu; R. AllociuosBritto Raj Kumar; Rosy Subha Hannah; R. Ramasamy

Effects of heavy metal Cd on essential metal Zn levels in freshwater fish Channa gachua

Pages 687-698

Muhammad Bilal; Hazrat Ali; Ashfaq Ahmad; Farooq Akbar khan; Khalid Bashir


Pages 705-710

T. Arun; D. Sasikumar; P., M. Princy; Bavitiraa, R

Controlling And Monitoring Of Hybrid Power Station Using Iot

Pages 708-713

Veeramani. P; Charan Babu V; Monesh R; Vinu K


Pages 711-715

T. Banu; P. Karthi

Automatic Doorstep Access Point Using Drones(Adapd)

Pages 714-721

Anu roopa devi S; Ragavendra M; Ramkumar R; Santhosh M

Intelligent Real-Time Photovoltaic Panel Monitoring System Using Iot

Pages 722-728

Anu roopa devi S; Madhan Kumar N; Kirubakaran K; Dharani raj G

Deforestation Theft Monitoring System Using Load Sensor

Pages 737-743

M. Yuvaraj; K. Arunselvam; C. Dinesh; T. Harish

Sensor System For Intruder Detection Based On Ground Vibration

Pages 744-750

Aravindaguru I; A. Abishek; T. Prasanna; N. Tamilselvan


Pages 745-749

V. Rajasubramanian

Remediation of Polluted Water by Ecological and Engineering Processes

Pages 750-755

K. Parimala Gandhi; T. Jayaprakash; B. Suganya; V. S. Aparna

Body Temperature And Blood Oxygen Level Monitoring Device

Pages 751-758

P. Yuvarani; S. Kowshika; B. Lavanya; K. Snekha

Convolutional Neural Networks Based Fire Detection In Surveillance Videos Using Iot

Pages 768-778

P. Veeramani; A.S. Harrish; V. Ranjith; P. Thanigairajan


Pages 794-798

V. Satheeswaran; Shiny Jasmine; Prajith Prakash Nair; S. Raja; S. Mohan


Pages 805-812

V .Sathyamurthy; B. Thirumoorthi; M. R. Vikraman

An Integrated Approach To Information Technology Training In Non-Specialised Education

Pages 813-819

Kurbanova Shakhnoza Mavlyanovna; Omonov Alisher Akhmad Ogli; Toguzbaev Fakhriddin Ulashovich; Sindorov Sadriddin Karshiboevich; Pardaev Sherzod Mamasharipovich

Improving The Benthofauna In The Fishery As An Indicator Of The Ecological Condition Of The Water Bodies

Pages 834-841

Rakhmataliev Muzaffar Eshdavlatovich; Sayfullaev Siddik Nosirovich; Goyipnazarov Sanjar Baxodirovich; Karshiyev shaymardan elamanovich

DiseaseDetectionthroughDeepLearningOverData Analyticsfrom HealthcareCommunities

Pages 864-873

Muthukumar Subramania; Bhupesh Goya; AnilKumar pande; Priti Gupt; Bhaskar Kapoor; Sushma Jaiswa

Discernment And Supervising Of The Marine Water Adulterants By Implementing Arduino

Pages 896-904

Anitha. G; Jahnavi. B.S; Jeyashree. J; Kanishma. G; Hema Sai. G.J

Important Factors Affecting For Future Pension

Pages 922-928

Mamatov Bakhadir Safaralievich; Khaydarov Askarbek; Nasirov Egamkul Ismailovich; Khomitov Komiljon Zoitovich

Comparative Evaluation Of Cyclic Fatigue Resistance Of Hyflex Cm With Newer Gold Treated Niti File Systems: An In Vitro Study

Pages 929-936

Sahithi Reddy; Arunajatesan Subbiya; Dhakshinamoorthy Malarvizhi; Venkatachalam Prakash; Arumugam Karthick; Alagarsamy Venkatesh

Discernment And Supervising Of The Marine Water Adulterants By Implementing Arduino.

Pages 951-959

Anitha. G; Jahnavi.B. S; Jeyashree. J; Kanishma. G; Hema Sai.G. J

A Survey On Knowledgeable Medical Care Explosion System

Pages 995-1001

Dinesh P S; Magesh kumar B; Dr. G. Nalinipriya

State-Of-The-Art Techniques On Medical Image Analysis Using Deep Learning

Pages 1024-1031

Dr.N.T. Renukadevi; Dr.K. Saraswathi; Mr.B. Anguraj

Automatic Analysis System For Students Behavior In Online Classroom

Pages 1032-1037

P. Ragupathy; Dr. K. Loheswaran; P. Sathish Kumar; S. Deepa

Data Deduplication Techniques: A Comparative Analysis

Pages 1057-1065

*Priya J; Vinothini C; Dinesh P S; Reshmi T S

Frame Spot Fixing Using Ced With Alerting System

Pages 1066-1069

Rajeswari. M; Akshaya. V; Vasantharaj. M

Determination of Cardiac Output based on Minimally Invasive Impedance Plethysmography in Various Healthy Subjects

Pages 1078-1086

S. Karthikeyani; C.Ganesh Babu; M. Ramkumar; R.Sarath Kumar; G.S. Priyanka; A. Manjunathan

Intravenous Fluid Control And Monitoring System

Pages 1087-1093

Kalaiyarasi. M; Kaushik. S; Mohanraj. K; Saravanan. R

An Investigation On Automatic Domestic Water Distribution Management System Using Plc Control

Pages 1094-1103

C.Ganesh Babu; S.Arun jayakar; G. Saran; C. Thayanithi; A N Kishore Kumar

Categorization Of Land Area Using K-Means And Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Algorithms

Pages 1134-1140

R Gayathri; T Perarasi; M Leeban Moses; S Giriprasad

Covid-19 Disease Prediction Using Machine Learning – An Overview

Pages 1160-1170

Dr Arunkumar , PM; Dr Kannimuthu Subramanian

Reliable Luggage Follower Design Using Node MCU

Pages 1171-1176

Dr. M.Janardhana Raju; Dr P G Kuppusamy; Dr.P. Gopinath

Decomposition Of Power Flow Used For Optimizing Zonal Configuration Of Energy Market

Pages 1177-1187

K. , Gunaprasad; Dr. Mandadi Surender Reddy; Mr. S. Ramesh; Dr P G Kuppusamy

Tablets Monitoring Using Digital Pill For Visually Impaired People.

Pages 1231-1237

Nivetha Kumari. M; Nagapriyadarshini. B; S. Giridharan

Artificial Neural Network Based Ocular Pressure Measurement System Using Internet Of Things

Pages 1250-1260

S. Lakshmipriya; V. Parvathy; M. Abinaya; C.R.Suganya Devi

Ananlysis Of Oedipus: A Tragic Hero

Pages 1307-1310

A. Madhavi Latha; Dr. Hemanth kumar Mekathoti

Perlustration On Vehicle Inspection To Uproot Bribery

Pages 1319-1327

Suthanthara Raja Pushpa.J; Valarmathi. K

Fault Prediction System With Face And Biometric Using Convolutional Neural Networks

Pages 1346-1357

Dr.B. Gopalakrishnan; K. Gayathri; M. Dharshini; S.Renuga devi

Web Mining And Web Content Mining -A Brief

Pages 1358-1366

Ms. A. Menaka; Dr. K. Sakthivel; Mrs.K. Pugazharasi

Consumer Behaviour Analysis In Social Network Using Big Data

Pages 1367-1374

M. Arumugam; Dr.C. Jayanthi; N. Magesh kumar

Ir-Uwb Based Electrolyte Bottle Level For Healthcare Using Iot

Pages 1375-1384

Mr. R. Gopal; Dr. M. Vimaladevi; Ms. V. Sowmitha

Data analysis for flood monitoring using Machine Learning and Internet of Things

Pages 1385-1393

Ramya R; Sathish Kumar G; Venkata Uday L; Surya Prakaash P R; Shakthi Rahul K S

A Secure Remote Patient Communication System Using Iot

Pages 1394-1401

M Arunkumar; B Nivetha; andn Madhuram

Prevention Of Sql Injection Attack Using Unsupervised Machine Learning Approach

Pages 1413-1424

M.N. Kavitha; V. Vennila; G. Padmapriya; A. Rajiv Kannan

Performance Evaluation Of Machine Learning Algorithm For Lung Cancer

Pages 1460-1468

Ms.M. Pyingkodi; Wilfred Blessing N.R; Dr.S. Shanthi; R. Mahalakshmi; M. Gowthami

Using Deep Learning Techniques To Enhance Brain Tumor Diagnosis And Classification On Mri Images

Pages 1469-1474

M. Pyingkodi; T.M. Saravanan; S. Shanthi; T. Sudarshan; R.M. Poornima

Prediction Of Diabetes During Covid – 19 Using Cloud Based App

Pages 1489-1498

Dr Sakthivel V; Jayavignesh P; Akshaya Rohith KB; Avinash P

A Scrutiny Of Blockchain Technology And Its Utilization

Pages 1499-1504

Sangeetha R; Krishnamoorthi M; Poonguzhali S; Divakar R

Home Automation Using Iot – Breaking Barriers And Changing Lives

Pages 1529-1535

K Rajalashmi; A Sheela; T K Pradeep; R Dhinakaran

Development Of Portable Multipurpose Computer Numerical Controlled Machine

Pages 1536-1544

A.B. Jai Krishnamoorthi; K. L. Senthil Kumar; S. K. Dhinesh; A. Megalingam

Design And Fabrication Of Arduino Controlled Cnc Foam Cutting Machine

Pages 1545-1557

S. K. Dhinesh; K. L. Senthil Kumar; K.S. Prasad; M. Raghunath; S. Madheshwaran; A. P. Gokulraj; Saravanan M

Inspection Process For Industrial Parts Using Cnn

Pages 1558-1564

Abinaya M; Suganya Devi C R; Parvathy V

Smart Farming And Irrigation Automation Techniques To Improve Coconut And Palm Cultivation Using Iot

Pages 1572-1580

Girinath N; Ganesh Babu.C; Chandru .; Athishc .; Sriram M; Sujithkumar J

Advanced Cardiac Health Care Monitoring Using Iot

Pages 1623-1635

T. Nagamani; P. Balasubramaniam; B.B. Aswathy; J. Dakshana

Identification Of Credit Card Frau Detection Using Decision Tree And Random Forest Algorithm

Pages 1646-1654

Malathi Eswaran; S. Deepa; S. Hamsanandhini; Shiwangi Ojha

Wind Turbine Power Production Prediction Using Machine Learning

Pages 1655-1661

Deepakraja R; Harish M; Kishore Kumar M; Tamilselvan S

Projected Virtual Reality Technology In Hotel Management

Pages 1682-1689

M Arunkumar; K Keerthana; N Madhuram

Automatic Fastag Toll System Using RFID And Raspberry Pi

Pages 1690-1696

M Arunkumar; J Dhamyanthi; N Madhuram

Enhanced Load Balancing In Distributed Web Server Systems Using Document Replication Mechanism

Pages 1697-1704

Dr. P. Murugesan; Dr. V. S. Prakash; Mr. V. P. Srisabarishkannan

Machine Learning Based Approach to Identify Neuro-Degenarative Disease using Gait Analysis

Pages 1705-1711

Mr.Kalimuthu M; Mrs.Gayathri priyadarshini R; Mr.Nikhil Amala Jerrin J; Mr.Kishore S

Segmentation Using Advanced Deep Learning Techniques

Pages 1729-1738

Karthiga M; Nandhini S S; Sountharrajan S; Santhi V; Sankarananth S

A Literature Study on Group Key Management using Huffman Key Tree

Pages 1745-1754

Parthasarathi. P; Shankar. S; Nivedha. S

Removal Of Haze Using Image Processing Techniques

Pages 1767-1774

jayachitra J; Inith Naveena; elavarasi K

Smart Surveillance System For Crops From Peacocks Us- Ing Wireless Sensor Networks And Iot

Pages 1785-1794

V. Nivedhitha; A. Gopi Saminathan; P. Thirumurugan; V. Eswaramoorthy

Efficient Energy Aware Task Scheduling In Heterogeneous Network On Chip

Pages 1806-1812

Sathis Kumar. K; Dr. Paramasivam. K; Janani T

Skin Lesion Analysis - Feature Extraction Methods Using Dermoscopy Image

Pages 1821-1829

G. Pavithra; Dr C. Palanisamy; Dr S.S. Rajasekar; R.S. Soundariya

A Review On Customer Service Quality In Big Bazaar Tirupur

Pages 1867-1876

Dr. Suja Sundram; Dr. P. Kavitha; Ms.Suchitra S

Exploring The Status Of Aquaculture In Assam- Problems And Prospects: A Descriptive Study

Pages 1877-1887

Bidyutt Bikash Hazarika; Debajyoti Dutta Saikia; Amrit Kumar Nath; Manjil Hazarika; Shehnaz Sultana

Survey On Various Segmentation Methods For Skin Related Diseases

Pages 1888-1901

K. Deepasundari; Dr. A. Thirumurthi Raja

Secure Online Voting System In Smart Device

Pages 1902-1910

Dr.N. Palanivel; Subhashini .; Santhiya .; Umapriya .

Iot Based Aquaculture Monitoring And Control System

Pages 1967-1972

Prof.(Dr).M. Balasubramanian; Dr.S.T. Deepa

Detection Of Malicious Urls Using Machine Learning Techniques

Pages 1980-1989

Mr.A. Sankaran; S. Mathiyazhagan; Prasanth .; M. Dharmaraj

“Salivary Diagnostics” – A Review Article

Pages 1990-1997

Dr. Aiswarya. M BDS; Dr.V.T. Hemalatha MDS

Photodynamic Therapy In Oral Lesions

Pages 1998-2003

Dr. Nalini Aswath; Dr. Rajesh. A

Peripheral Osteoma Of The Mandible-A Case Report

Pages 2014-2017

P.Venkatalakshmi Aparna; S.Leena Sankari; A. Niranjana; S. Mehazabin

Anesthetic Considerations In Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeries

Pages 2018-2023

R.Kanthimathi Kailasam; P.Venkatalakshmi Aparna; S. Leenasankari; A. Praszanth; N. Narmatha

Collateral Odontogenic Keratocyst: A Diagnostic Dilemma

Pages 2024-2030

P.Venkatalakshmi Aparna; S. Ramasamy; S.Leena Sankari; Beshia Arnold. A; J.Sathish kumar

Psoriasiform Lesions Of The Oral Mucosa- A Misdiagnosis To Psoriasis

Pages 2031-2035

Dr.S.Leena Sankari; Sudha Jimson; Dr. Sangeetha Priya. P

Silver Diamine Fluoride : A Review

Pages 2036-2040

Amudha S; Ponnudurai Arangannal; Kashmiri Chowdhury

Evaluation Of Three Root Canal Irrigants In Their Ability To Remove Smear Layer With Significantly Least Erosio – Ansem Analysis.

Pages 2045-2054

John Paul; Venkatachalam Prakash; Rathakrishnan Mensudar; Vridhachalam Ganapathy Sukumaran; Arunajatesan Subbiya; Suresh Mitthra

A Review On Management Of Open Apex In Permanent Teeth

Pages 2055-2061

Ramu Shobhana; Venkatachalam Prakash; Alagarsamy Venkatesh; Paramasivam Vivekanandhan

Applications of Chitosan in Conservative dentistry and endodontics: A Review

Pages 2062-2067

Venkatachalam Prakash; Ramu Shobhana; Alagarsamy Venkatesh; Arunajatesan Subbiya

Applications Of Bioceramic Root Canal Sealers In Endodontics – A Review

Pages 2068-2072

Ramachandran Tamilselvi; Balashankar Ajay Sathya; Dhakshinamoorthy Malarvizhi; Arumugam Karthick

Digital Smile Designing – ‘A New Era’ In Aesthetic Dentistry – A Review

Pages 2073-2077

Balashankar Ajay Sathya; Suresh Mitthra; Newbegin Selvakumar Gold Pearlin Mary; Arunajatesan Subbiya

Management Of Horizontal Root Fractures - A Review

Pages 2078-2081

Loganathan Saatwika; Paramasivam Vivekanandhan; Alagarsamy Venkatesh; Arunajetasan Subbiya

Two Varied Morphologies Of Mandibular First Molar With Three Distal Root Canals: Case Report

Pages 2082-2088

Sahithi Reddy; Suresh Mitthra; Arumugam Karthick; Venkatachalam Prakash

An Overview Of The Role Of Mineral Trioxide Aggregate In Endodontics.

Pages 2089-2094

Alemete Suriyanarayanan Kamali; Ramachandran Tamilselvi; Alagarsamy Venkatesh; Dhakshinamoorthy Malarvizhi

XP endoshaper, a new era in Rotary Endodontics- a review

Pages 2095-2098

Suresh Mitthra; Alemete Suriyanarayanan Kamali; Newbegin Selvakumar; Arunajatesan Subbiya

Post Endodontic Restorations – An Overview Of Direct And Indirect Restorations.

Pages 2099-2104

Arumugam Karthick; Bharadwaj .; New Begin Selvakumar; Dhakshinamoorthy Malarvizhi

Clinical Criteria For Successful Composite Restorations - A Review

Pages 2104-2109

Bharadwaj B; Ramachandran Tamilselvi; Dhakshinamoorthy Malarvizhi; Alagarsamy Venkatesh

Clinical Applications Of Chitosan In Dentistry- A Review

Pages 2110-2114

Rajendran Vikash; Suresh Mitthra; Ramachandran Tamilselvi; Paramasivam Vivekanandhan

Management Of Vertical Root Fractures – A Review

Pages 2115-2118

Alagarsamy Venkatesh; Loganathan Saatwika; Venkatachalam Prakash; Arunajetasan Subbiya

Materials used fordirect pulp capping- an overview

Pages 2119-2123

Dhakshinamoorthy Malarvizhi; Rajendran Vikash; Ramachandran Tamilselvi; Paramasivam Vivekanandhan

Pulp Testing -Implication And Advances Pulp Testing

Pages 2124-2128

Arumugam Karthick; Selvam Harish gowtham; Dhakshinamoorthy Malarvizhi; Paramasivam Vivekanandhan

Sentiment Analysis And Text Mining Of Online Customer Reviews For Digital Wallet Apps Of Fintech Industry

Pages 2139-2150

Dr.C. Kathiravan; A. Rajasekar; S. Velmurgan; P. Mahalakshmi; E. Chandramouli; V. Suresh; B. Padmaja; K. Dhanalakshmi

Prediction Of Transfusion Based On Machine Learning

Pages 2168-2180

Praveen Kumar Donepudi; Naresh Babu Bynagari

Importance Of Regenerative Systems In Architecture For Climate Change

Pages 2212-2217

Gautami Prabhakar Bura; Dr. Parag Govardhan Narkhede

Phytochemical Screening And Evaluation Of Antioxidant, Anti-Inflammatory Activity Of Leaves And Flowers Of Law's Ceropegia

Pages 2218-2225

Paresh S. Gaikar; Vitthal S. Shivankar; Ankita P. Angre; Pratap Patil; Kisan B. Pathade; Yashwant Gaikwad; Gurumeet C. Wadhawa

Study Of Algal Biodiversity In Panvel Region Of Konkan, Maharashtra

Pages 2226-2233

Laxman R. Rathod; N. B. Pawar; Rajmane D. V.; Laxman Gavali; Gurumeet C Wadhawa

Gliomas Autonomous Segmentation Using Advanced Deep Learning Techniques

Pages 2260-2269

Karthiga M; Nandhini S S; Sountharrajan S; Santhi V; Sankarananth S

An Analytical Framework In The Rise Of Online Stock Trading In India

Pages 2270-2279

Dr. P. Syamsundar; B. Karthik; N. Manokaran; CA.Karthikeyan Rangasamy; Dr.P. Balasubramanian

A Non-Invasive Hearing Aid Using Gsm Module

Pages 2292-2299

R. Pavaiyarkarasi; S. Nithyaselvakumari; Dr. B A Gowri Shankar; Dr.M.C. Jobin Christ; Udhayasankar .

Experimental Investigation On Development Of Binder And Mortar By Partial Replacement Of Cement Using Sugarcane Bagasse Ash, Copper Slag And Egg Shell Powder

Pages 2300-2311

Farhaaz S. Pathan; Sagar K. Nagalkar; Ranjit V. Matkar; Bhushan B. Digrase; Manoj S. Palaspagar; Atul S. Donadkar; Vinay Pashine; Sagar Dhengare; Sanjivkumar Harinkhede

Business Strategies for Fashion Industry: Mines and preserves high utility items

Pages 2387-2391

Nandhini SS; Priya R; Saranya DV; Shanmuga Priya V; Sountharrajan S

Statistical Analysis and Assessment of Physico-Chemical Parameters in Manasbal Lake, Ganderbal, Kashmir, India

Pages 2392-2402

Jahangeer Mohd Reshi; Manglesh Kumar Jawalkar; Ishtiyaq Ahmed Najar; Ahsan Ul Haq

A Secured Dynamic Lightweight Authenticity Mechanism For Iot Assisted WSN

Pages 2486-2492

Vino. T; Srinivasan S; Suma Sira Jacob; Dr.G. Manikandan; Dilavar Basha K

Workplace Stress and Mental Health during Covid

Pages 2543-2547

Dr.S.Catherine Rex; Dr.S. Joyce; Mrs.H.J. Shanthi

Regenerative And Lora Based Conveying Unit For Armed Force Trooper Monitoring System In Shoe

Pages 2548-2555

Mrs.S.V. Priya; Poothigaivalli. C; Ruth Elizabeth. A; Sindhuja. S

Selection Of The Optimal Anti-Healthy Ointment And Determination Of Biopharmasevic Aspects

Pages 2681-2691

Rizaeva Nilufar Mukhutdinovna; Dustmurodova Shaxlo Jumanazarovna; Aripova Nozima Xakimdjanovna; Baratova Malika Baxtiyarovna

Pre-Clinical Studies Of The Preparation "Cobafen" Lyophilizate For Preparation Of Solution For Injection With Solvent

Pages 2747-2754

Abdullaeva Nilufar Kakhramonovna; Shokodirov Rahmonjon Rasuljonovich; Khusainova Raikhona Ashrafovna; Rizaeva Nilufar Mukhitdinovna

Prediction Of Data Analysis Using Machine Learning Techniques

Pages 2755-2762

Dr.M. Balakrishnan; Dr.A.B.Arockia Christopher; Dr.A.S.Muthanantha Murugavel; J. Ramprasath

The Role Of Uzbek Tourism Culture And Its Historical And Cultural Transformation Processes In Economic Development

Pages 2776-2785

S.A. Nazarova; Bakhtiyor Hoshimovich Mirzarahimov; Ulugbek Abdugapparovich Narmanov; Olim Hamidovich Ortikov; Khusniddin Fakhriddinovich Uktamov

Morbidity Pattern Among Transgender-An Indian Perspective

Pages 2823-2829

Manikandan Shanmugam; Kurinchi Kumaran Navaneethakrishnan; Bhaskar Venkatachalam; Rajasigamani Kandasamy; Krishna Prasanth Baalann

Application Of New Types Of Insecticides In The Management Of The Amount Of Apple Fruit And Determine Its Effectiveness

Pages 2830-2837

Rakhmonova Madinahon Kimsanboevna; Ergashova Husnidahon Ibrokhimovna; Mirabdullaeva Nilufar Tursunboevna

Spinal Tumor In Children

Pages 2838-2840

Ganiyev Mirvorisjon Tulkunjon ugli

Review On Job Stress And Coping Strategies

Pages 2871-2885

Dr.Jeya Kumar.K; Dr.Shunmugasundaram. M; Dr.Sankar Ganesh.K; Dr.Murugesan. A; Dr.Sekar. M; Dr.Geetha. R; Dr.R.V. Palanivel

Flowering biology of Acorus calamus L. growing in Tashkent

Pages 2900-2907


The Effectiveness Of Pharmacotherapy For Dmards With Ra Depending On The C3435t Polymorphism Of The Mdr1 Gene

Pages 2908-2916

Shukhrat Khudayberdievich Ziyadullaev; Ilkhom Islomovich Sultonov; Gavkhar Abdukarimovna Dushanova; Khusinova Shoira Akbarovna

Assessment Of The Degree Of Endothelial Dysfunction In Patients With Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Complicated By Chronic Heart Failure

Pages 2917-2922

Agababyan Irina Rubenovna; Ziyadullaev Shukhrat Khudayberdievich; Ismailov Jamshid Abduraimovich; Turaev Hikmatilla Negmatovic; Akhrorova Zarina Valerovna

Development Of Lexical Competence In Students Of Higher Educational Institutions

Pages 2938-2943

Ibragimova SevaraBaxodirovna; RahimovaGulnoza Sharipjanovna; Tukhtanazarova BarnoAliyevna

Problems Of The Formation Of Professional Qualities In Medical Students

Pages 2952-2963

Shokhista SanakulovnaShoyimova; NargizaAsrorovna Mirzaeva; ShakhloRuzmatkizi Mirzaeva

Number And Viability Of Pollen Grains In A Single Flower And Pollen Grains In A Single Pollen In Interspecific F1 Plants And Primary Sources

Pages 2971-2979

Nabieva Nargiza Nazirjonovna; Amanov Bakhtiyar Khushbakovich; Ashurov Qodirjon Komiljonovich

Improving The Efficiency Of The Use Of Financial Resources Of Enterprises In Modern Conditions

Pages 2980-2987

Nargiza Jiyanova; Shavkat Hamdamov; Dilnoza Tadjibekova; Gafurova Umida


Pages 2997-3004

Prof. Tojiboev Qo’ldoshali Tojiboevich; Muqaddam Madaminovna Ikramova; Mavluda Sohibjonovna Mirzaalimova; Gulchexra Zafarjon qizi Maxmudova

Inventory Management System

Pages 3045-3048

Prof.R.S. Sawant; Prof. A.A. Kolpyakwar; Prof.S.A. Murab; Prof.R.V. Deshmukh; Prof. R. M. Raut

A Review On Imagist Movement In English Literature

Pages 3068-3078

Laxmi Kirana Pallathadka; Harikumar Pallathadka; Telem Kamlabati Devi; Takhelchangbam Brajeshwari Devi

A Study On Science And Climate Fictions As Foretellers Of Catastrophe

Pages 3079-3086

Dr. Laxmi Kirana Pallathadka; Dr. Harikumar Pallathadka; Shoraisam Kiranbhala Devi; Prof. Telem Kamlabati Devi

An Empirical Investigation On Consumer Behavior Concerning Online Shopping During Covid-19 In India

Pages 3087-3096

Sanjeev Kumar; Dr. Harikumar Pallathadka; Dr. Laxmi Kirana Pallathadka; Vikas Kumar

Systematic Study Of Covid-19 And Cardiac Arrhythmic Disease

Pages 3109-3121

Dr. Laxmi Kirana Pallathadka; Dr. Harikumar Pallathadka

Effect of L-threonine on the optical properties of (tris) thiourea zinc sulphate (TTZS) single crystal

Pages 3122-3134

S.Amali Theresa; V. Shanthi; G.Rajesh Kanna; Aparna V.S; N. Mohan

Effect of Hydrogen Bond on Mesomorphic Phases of Binary Liquid Crystal Complexes

Pages 3135-3139

S Sundaram; G. Gowrishankar; Suganya B; Tony Diwahar, A

Development Of A High Pressure Chamber For Spray Vessels

Pages 3190-3195

Rajan, A. S; P. Siva; S. Satheesh Kumar; Bharathikanna, R

Social Marketing - A Holistic Concept Of Management

Pages 3223-3226

N. Subha; Dr.S. Naganandini; S. Ramesh Raja

The Impact of Green Marketing Strategies on Customer Satisfaction

Pages 3227-3235

V. Sathyamurthy; B. Thirumoorthi; Rajanandini .; M. R. Vikraman

Upamanyu Chatterjee’s Interpersonal Sense Modality

Pages 3236-3239

R. Jaisingh; Dr. R. Parthiban; Dr. P. Thiyagarajan

An Efficient Method to Monitor the Health of Pregnant Women Using Iot

Pages 3251-3258

Dr. S. Subalakshmi; Dr P.V.Praveen Sundar; Dr C. Thirumoorthi

Monitoring Pregnant Women Health Using Wireless Sensor Network and Greedy Algorithm

Pages 3259-3266

Dr. S. Subalakshmi; DrP.V.Praveen Sundar; Dr C. Thirumoorthi

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