Ir-Uwb Based Electrolyte Bottle Level For Healthcare Using Iot

Document Type : Primary Research paper


1 Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Engineering, Bannari Amman Institute of Technology, Erode, Tamil Nadu, India

2 Associate Professor, Computer Scienceand Engineering, K S R Institute for Engineering and Technology, Tiruchengode, Tamil Nadu, India

3 Assistant Professor, Computer Science andEngineering, K S R Institute for Engineering and Technology, Tiruchengode, Tamil Nadu, India


The Internet of Things (IoT) has facilitated services for a wide range of applications
without human intervention, and in recent years, many sophisticated techniques have been
developed to ensure the rapid healing of patients in hospitals due to technological advances.
The mostbasic requirement of hospitals are good patient care, and evaluating,managing
theflow of saline and electrolyte. In almost all hospitals, anassistant / nurse is appointed to
monitoring the level of the electrolyte bottle. Due to some unavoidable situations such as the
duty time changing, when they are overloaded with other works or else they may unnoticed or
forget to change the bottle in time, which can have adverse effects on the patient, causing
immediatedeath of air bubbles entering the patient’s bloodstream. Therefore, in orderto
avoid harm to the patient, a systemic Impulse Radio Ultraviolet Wave Band (IR-UWB) radar
is proposed for perceiving and observing human targets dependent on the identification of
crucial signs, because it provides high-distance resolution, low risk of exposure to the human
body. The proposed system includes EBL (Electrolyte Bottle Level) sensors, which act as a
level sensor to monitor the critical level of the electrolyte bottle and alert the concerned
nurses in hospitals. When the patient is attended by a nurse the system will reset and if the
nurse fails to reach the patient within the prescribed time, it will send the alert as a SMS to
the registered mobilenumber of the nurse. If it is unnoticed for a period of time, a call alert
will be sent to the immediate higher officials. Accordingto the simulation results,
thenewsystemismore efficient than the manualmonitoring.


Volume 12, Issue 3 - Serial Number 3
ICMMNT-2021 International Virtual Conference on Materials, Manufacturing and Nanotechnology, 30th June, 2021.
June 2021
Pages 1375-1384