Exclusion Within School: An Introduction

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Research Scholar, School of Education, IGNOU, New Delhi.


Exclusion is a potent and enigmatic concept. It is powerful because it is the
force that prevents some members of society from accessing the community's riches and
benefits. This limits their authority and voice, as well as their access to social justice ideas.
Using a deficit model to justify exclusion is common. Schools are strong social actors that
have a significant impact on the inclusion and exclusion of their students. Lunch-time,
fixed-term & Permanent exclusions are from/within the school. Social exclusion &
marginalization are often interchangeable. Conflict, disability, discrimination, disease,
family background, location, poverty, exclusion environmental of school are conditions of
exclusion. There are possible negative repercussions at the individual, institutional, and
systemic levels.