Design and Fabrication of Flexible Wing UAV

Document Type : Primary Research paper


1 Department of Aeronautical Engineering Nehru Institute of Technology, Coimbatore.

2 Department of Aeronautical Engineering Nehru Institute of Technology, Coimbatore


Multi-purpose, compact unmanned aerial vehicles have been gaining remarkable capabilities in
the last decades. They are important due to their abilities to replace manned aircrafts in many
routine and dangerous missions, and to reduce costs of many aerial operations. These aerial
robots can be utilized in a variety of civilian missions such as surveillance in disasters, traffic
monitoring, law enforcement and power line maintenance. They are already being benefitted in
military applications such as intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, reconnaissance and
aerial attacks. These application areas lead to more advanced research for increasing the level of
autonomy and reducing the size of UAVs. UAVs can be classified into three main categories:
fixed-wing UAVs, rotary-wing UAVs, and hybrid design UAVs. [14]

Volume 12, Issue 3 - Serial Number 3
ICMMNT-2021 International Virtual Conference on Materials, Manufacturing and Nanotechnology, 30th June, 2021.
June 2021
Pages 648-654