Inter Combining Quazi Z Source Network With Matrix Converter For Wind Powered Distribution System

Document Type : Primary Research paper


1 Associate Professor, Department of EEE, AMET University, Chennai

2 Assistant Professor, Department of EEE, Sri Sairam Institute of Technology, Chennai

3 Professor, Department of Marine Engineering, AMET University, Chennai

4 Assistant Professor, Department of EEE, AMET University, Chennai


This paper proposes a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator (PMSG) based wind
energy conversion system (WECS) having combination of Quazi z source network with
matrix converter to raise the output voltage in accordance with load requirement. This
combination is formed by cascading quazi Z source with direct matrix converter. Whenever
the speed of wind mill varies, the direct matrix method will took part in regulating out in
the form of varying duty ratio. It is having capability to perform buck-boost operation in
addition with concentration upon duty ratio and bidirectional power flow controllability.
Further this method having several advantages such as accommodates less number of
active and passive components, more reliable, efficiency is said to high, etc. The particular
reason for choosing proposed conversion method is deduction in size of filtering unit
rather than preceding method. To validate its efficiency, the proposed topology is simulated
and overall functioning is presented in the form of waveforms.