"Effect of L-threonine on the optical properties of (tris) thiourea zinc sulphate (TTZS) single crystal"

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Department of Physics and Chemistry, Assistant Professor, Nehru Institute of Technology, Coimbatore, India


The growth of L-Threonine doped Zinc (tris) Thiourea Sulfate single crystal from aqueous solution by low temperature solution
growth has been reported in the present investigation. The 1, 2 and 3mole% L-Threonine was doped in saturated TTZS solution.
The effect of L- Threonine on SHG property was studied by Kurtz and Perry powder SHG test. The higher enhancement in SHG
efficiency was observed at 1mole% L-Threonine doped TTZS. Hence, the growth 1mole% L- Threonine doped TTZS was
carried. The grown crystal was characterized by single crystal X-ray analysis, FT-IR, UV-visible spectroscopy and thermal study
by TGA and DSC analysis.


Volume 12, Issue 3 - Serial Number 3
ICMMNT-2021 International Virtual Conference on Materials, Manufacturing and Nanotechnology, 30th June, 2021.
June 2021
Pages 697-704