Controlling And Monitoring Of Hybrid Power Station Using Iot

Document Type : Primary Research paper


1 Assistant Professor, Dept. of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, MKCE, Karur, Tamil Nadu, India

2 B.E, Dept. of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, MKCE, Karur.


Sustainable power has been on an expanding request in the new due to over weight on non-inexhaustible assets and their expanding cost. Subsequently delivering power with the utilization of sustainable assets like Wind and Solar has been taken up in this venture. A Windmill, which pivots when there is sufficient breeze, creates. An evenly pivoting model of Windmill is being utilized in this task. Silicon based wafers which are fell together to shape a Solar Panel is being utilized in this task to create power. Half breed Power Generation Solar + Windmill System saddles both the Solar and Windmill to charge a 12V Battery. The System depends on Atmega328 microcontroller which intelligently faculties and charges the battery while showing the voltage on the LCD. The Windmill, when in enough wind to drive it, produces power enough to charge a battery. Also, the Solar Panel which is mounted on a pivoting board which sets itself to greatest openness of the light to create energy enough to charge the battery. Since the two of them at the same time can work in great normal conditions, both can charge the battery at a quicker speed than they would had separately. Accordingly this undertaking is a model how characteristic assets can be proficiently outfit to create power at a quicker speed and less expensive rate. The interaction can be checked and constrained by IOT handling of information. Uncontrolled Renewable fuel sources basically have irregular practices.