Emerging Electric Ship: Modern Power Technology And Propulsion System

Document Type : Primary Research paper


1 Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

2 Assistant Professor, Department of Marine Engineering AMET Deemed to be University, Tamil Nadu, India.


Rising demand for electric power, as well as new requirements for servicing frequently
changing loads while reducing the total size and weight of the electric power system and its
related components on board ships, the examination of a variety of new power systems
designs and technologies, particularly for naval surface combatants, drives the
examination of a range of new power systems architectures and technologies. In marine
systems, electrical propulsion is not a new notion. Power electronic converters, on the
other hand, have proven to be the Key Enabling Technology for the electrification of large
ships. This study begins with an overview of EP drives, which resulted in the development
of all-electric ships. After that, electric power generation and control systems are
discussed. The standard design approach is given to help understand the problems in
creating such a system. The motivations for pushing forward research in the field of
shipboard power systems are then discussed.