Body Temperature And Blood Oxygen Level Monitoring Device

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Department of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering M.Kumarasamy College of Engineering Karur, Tamilnadu-639113.


Temperature and Blood oxygen level is one of the most important parameters of the human body. A lot of health issues are depending upon Body temperature and blood oxygen level. There are various types of devices are available to measure those parameters. But still, it leads to a lot of problems like high cost, size, accuracy, and more. To made a solution for this problem, a plan to develop a project as low cost, compact size, and high accuracy. In this project was using MAX30100, MPU6050, Arduino, OLED, and buzzer to detect the body temperature and blood oxygen level. Body temperature and blood oxygen was a major factor for most of the illness occurs in body. But if it was frequently monitoring, it could able to control it.Before, it turned into a serious issue. Afterthe pandemic, need to take care of temperature and blood oxygen level. So, this project would be useful to detect and monitor those parameters.