Effects of Parabolic Flow Past an Accelerated Isothermal vertical Plate with heat and Mass Diffusion in the presence of Rotation

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Department of Mathematics, Vels Institute of Science, Technology and Advanced Studies, Chennai-600117.


A Particular examination of Rotation effect of unsteady parabolic flow past of impenetrable and electrically driving fluid past a uniform quickened unbounded isothermal perpendicular plate in the absence of Magneto hydromagnetic has been Reported in the investigation. The Dimensionless administering Equation has been comprehended using Laplace Transform Technique. The study compiles three profiles namely Temperature profile, Concentration and quickness profile have been perused for Distinct Physical Framework like time, rotational Parameter, Prandtl number, warm Grashof Number, mass Grashof Number, Schmidt number. It is noticed that the quickness upturn with the growing estimations of warm Grashof integer or mass Grashof integer. It is moreover inspected that the quickness upturn with diminishing Rotational Parameter.