A Study on Upshot of Human Resource Strategy Gamification in Retention Management

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, Kristu Jayanti College


Research study reveals that human resource practices can create value for organizations. Employees strive a lot in the organisation with the objective to support organisation to achieve its goals.Gamification is a digitized strategy to engage employees in a productive manner. Healthy competition through gamification promote the competent assets to perform extremely without stressing out much and enjoy the rewards for best performance. Gamification is a strategy which help employees stay contented with their professions, which can increase retention rates.Gamification for business uses game fundamentals to persuade employees to execute their best. Itprompts employees to compete with their goals and team members.The present study is an earnest attempt to understand the impact of gamification in retaining the best talent and to study the role of gamification in emerging corporate. Retention is the best strategiesadopted which in turn reduce the cost spend for hiring a new employee. Companies develop gamificationstrategies and methods to retain the best talent asset. The present study divulges theworth of gamificationin emerging corporates.