A Study On Second Language Acquisition &English Language Proficiency

Document Type : Primary Research paper


1 M.A, M.phil, Ph.D K.L.E.F, Vaddeswaram.

2 Assistant Professor of English PVPSiddhartha Institute of Ttechnology Kanuru, vijayawada


Language Acquisition and Development Language of learning is an active process that begins at birth and continues throughout life.English Language learning has achieved prominence because of the global status of English. English Language Teaching is a systematic procedure or process that requires great efforts on the part of all the learners. For attaining that purpose, textbooks are the most prominent elements of teaching process for achieving the aims and objectives of a course. Language learning using Learning strategies refers to a set of tactics that people use in order to gain control over their own learning process. Nowadays, enhancing strategies in second or foreign language classrooms is one of the teachers’ roles, since their mission is to facilitate the learning among their students and make their thinking process visible. In order to teach a second language (L2) effectively, educators must take into consideration the needs and biographies of each learner, as a result, they are able to employ methodologies that guide students in using strategies which enhance their L2 learning process. This paper helps readers understand the concept of such strategies to enhance language skills repertoire. The researcher has also examined and focused how textbook activities help in systematic teaching of English and also to students for masteringEnglish language by adopting their own apt learning strategies. The teachers of English should also be equipped with upto-date knowledge of ELT to direct the learners.