Communication Engineering Usage And Implications For Military Operations

Document Type : Primary Research paper


1 Universiti Putra Malaysia

2 Faculty of Technology Management and Technoprenuership, UniversitiTeknikal Malaysia Melaka

3 Cluster of Education and Social Sciences, Open University Malaysia


This study has established that most of the judgments concur that there is a need to protect the individuals’ privacy interests but also acknowledge that cell phones and other mobile or technological devices can store personal data. As such, the majority of the rulings of the Supreme Court of Canada held that if conducted reasonably and incidental to arrest, the search of cell phones and other related devices are legal and that they do not violate section 8. However, it is imperative to highlight that the “reasonableness” standard poses a dilemma and makes it difficult for the courts and the police to establish consistent boundaries that define lawful searches.

Volume 12, Issue 1
International virtual conference on Newer Trends and Innovation in Nanotechnology Materials Science . Science and Technology
March 2021
Pages 54-62