Electronic Health Record (Ehr) Security And Implications For Cybersecurity

Document Type : Primary Research paper


1 Faculty of Art and Design, UniversitiTeknologi MARA, Shah Alam, Malaysia

2 College of Business Management and Accounting, National Energy University (UNITEN)

3 Cluster of Education and Social Sciences, Open University Malaysia


The central purpose of the current investigation is to develop an effectivemedication management system to control antibioticdrugselling in Nigeria, which will be transparent, accurate andensure quality with efficacy. Besides, the eMM system will beimplemented in such a way so that it can be easily accessed bygeneral users from smart devices while ensuring all securityperspectives. Although improving medicationmanagement in Nigeria is the crucial objective of the Nationaldrug policy-2016, there is no effective administration system foreffective regulatory control. Our proposed e-Medication Managementsystem (eMM) seeks to support policies and objectivesby improving the access and quality of medicines information. here, malpractice by doctors, over-counter drug availability, and irrational medications can be controlled entirely through our system. Also, through this project implementation, a substantial nexus among patients, physicians, and drug sellers will be established, and promote the fair exercise of digital medical practice.

Volume 12, Issue 1
International virtual conference on Newer Trends and Innovation in Nanotechnology Materials Science . Science and Technology
March 2021
Pages 84-92