Cloud Computing & Its Network Security Issues Analysis Machine Learning Techniques

Document Type : Primary Research paper


1 Assistant Professor, CSE department, Koneru Lakshmaiah Education Foundation

2 Professor, K.L.Business School, K.L.University


Huge DATA and mists creation is going on in the present age, it is getting exceptionally hard to store such a huge measure of data. The most ideal approach to store these tremendous measures of information is to store it on the cloud. As individuals and huge associations are moving towards cloud to store their information, security remains the essential concern. Is the information anchoring enough on the cloud? One of the approaches to furnish security in distributed computing is with '(HECC-OTP) ECC Honey Encryption with OTP'. Nectar encryption creates figure content, which whenever gave an erroneous unscrambling key, delivers an authentic plaintext. Subsequently, by giving false plaintext Honey Encryption gives confirmation against Brute power assault and if a right decoding key it produces OTP to enrolled portable number and EMAIL. Also, after the information encryption, SRM (Secure Repository Manager) separates the information into pieces of little information and transfers it to cloud servers. This paper examines the present issue looked in the distributed computing as to protecting the security in sharing the information. Distributed computing offers set of administrations and assets using web. These administrations are given from server farms which are situated all through the world. Contemporary plans of action for associations to send IT administrations are offered by distributed computing with no forthright venture. Distributed computing disentangles giving the virtual assets from anyplace on the planet to anyplace on the planet through web. . The proposed framework gives an answer for safeguarding the information in cloud with the guide of ECC Honey encryption convention and OTP age.