A Technological Survey On Terahertz Antennas And Its Integrated Systems

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Department of ECE, KoneruLakshmaiah Education Foundation, Guntur, AP, India-522502.


The antennas categorised as Terahertz,that attains thecharacteristics of insignificant size variation, wide-ranging frequency bandwidth and superior data ratewhich imposed on crucial equipment’s for transferring and collecting the THz electromagnetic waves for such a system integrated to the THz schemes. Nevertheless, extensive level of THz antennas deteriorates from comparatively elevated-levelde ficiency with minimal manufacture exactness as a reason of size variations and frequency band width of the waves. Therefore, this article introduces a comprehensive out line of the extre me modern research on the enhancement of the performance of THz antennas. Initially, the advancement of terahertz antennas is explained with some basic knowledge of designs and further classifiedTHz antennas. In specific, the pragmaticcomplexities for the improvement of THz antennas are reviewed with the real-time methodologies. In addition, a briefassessment of the process technology of THz antennas is delivered insequence to the integrated systems associated to the THz antennas. To conclude, the essential challenges and the forthcominginvestigation concerns in theways to the THz antennas are given.