Digital Farming: IoT Enabled Smart Sensor Based Insect and Animal Detection System

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Department of Computer Science and Technology, Central University of Jharkhand, India


It has been widely observed that production of any crop depends upon the various factors like rain, temperature, soil moisture, humidity, solar radiation atmospheric gases and wing velocity. Apart from these there are various other factors that directly or indirectly influence the crop production like proportion of fertilizers get utilized, parasites, crop diseases, and insects etc. It is globally accepted that these influencing factors are responsible to reduced the total crop yields by 10 % to 40 %. Various IoT based tools and techniques are frequently being used to increase the crop production. This research work is intended to propose an Internet of Things based Insect and Animal detection system using Smart Sensor. The system is based on sensors enabled Arduino UNO Kit to detect the insects and mammals in the farm / crop field. The data is then sent to server via GPRS module to ThingSpeak server for analysis. This analyzed data is then being compared with threshold value and result is forwarded to farmers mobile. Accordingly the farmer can take the precautionary measures.