Impact Of Budgeting, Planning And Controlling On The Profitability Of Manufacturing Company

Document Type : Primary Research paper



2 Professor & Research Head, ST XAVIER’S COLLEGE, BANGALORE


This paper analyzed and tested the impact of budgeting, planning and controlling on the profitability of manufacturing company. The enterprise for the production and promotion of manufacturing company was carefully chosen as a study sample and respondents signified a range of cost accountant and authorities through the assumption of the survey and the preparation of questionnaires to collect and assess the primary data by means of statistical methods. The main purpose of the study was to express a systematic conceptual framework concerning budget and its deliberate importance in the field of profitability of manufacturing company. Most significantly, the study presented a number of assumptions and references including that the selected company must deliberate the practice of budgeting, planning and control on the effectiveness of the company as a premeditated goal, and presence among the significances for its activities, mostly when related to presentation of organization practices. Data collected was analyzed using descriptive statistics such as percentages and arithmetic mean scores. Demographic profile data, Reliability Test, Correlation, Regression analysis and Anova test Analysis were drawn. Data was gathered in form of percentages. A summary of data was signified in the form of Statistical Analysis by using SPSS. Findings in this study were signified using descriptive statistic. Descriptive statistic is the analysis of data that helps describe, show and summarize data in a meaningful way.