DTW Algorithm – Dementia Detection For Driving Pattern In Smart Phones

Document Type : Primary Research paper


1 Professor and Head / CSE Panimalar Institute of Technology, Chennai, Tamil Nadu India .

2 Professor/CSE, Panimalar Institute of Technology, Chennai , Tamil Nadu , India.

3 Sr/Asst.Prof/EEE. Chettinad College of Engineering and Technology ,Puliyur , India.

4 Associate Professor /CSE ,Panimalar Institute of Technology, Chennai, Tamil Nadu India

5 Associate Professor/IT , Kondu Engineering College , Perundurai ,Erode District ,Tamil Nadu , India

6 Assistant Professor, Department of CSE, Panimalar Institute of Technology, Chennai- Tamil Nadu , India


Dementia is a term that covers a group of symptoms that include memory loss and difficulty, as well as challenges with thinking, problem-solving, and language. Dementia is caused by disorders that break the mind, such as Alzheimer's disease or a series of strokes. There are hundreds of requests available to assist persons who have been diagnosed with dementia. However, there are no apps or multimedia that can tell a person whether or not they have dementia. To recognize dementia, approved approaches include a variety of exams and diagnostic procedures. These dementia tests often include mental ability tests, blood tests, and brain imaging. In this work, an unique technique for detecting dementia is proposed, which involves detecting repeated changes in a person's steering outline using smartphone sensors and the DTW algorithm, as well as prescribing medication before the condition deteriorates if the individual is diagnosed with dementia.