Characteristics Features And Market Analysis Of Smart Wearables With Sensors

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Assistant Professor (Senior Grade), Department of Fashion Technology, PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore


Smart wearables are gaining more popularity and demand as far as consumer
market is concerned. Defenitely smart wearables will rule the world. The way of
manufacturing matters a lot. Technically the formation of circuits and integration of
electrical circuits along with wires and chanellizing them or adorning them with fabric
structure is a challenging factor. Proper working of those circuits have to be ensured. This
is because the smart garments or wearables are helpful for humans through several ways.
They are helful for us for carrying out our normal routine activities in daily life. They will
be replacing the already existing normal apparels. Infact their replacement will be effective
through their functional and smart performance which will not be available with normal
apparels, garments and other technical textile products. In this paper I have dicussed about
the characteristic features and also about the market analysis of smart wearables along
with sensors.