Web Development And Its Ability To Manage Academic Services In Low-Income Schools In Times Of Pandemic

Document Type : Primary Research paper


1 National Technological University of South Lima, Lima, Perú

2 National University of Huancavelica

3 National University of Callao

4 Federico Villarreal National University, Lima, Perú


Due to the current situation, many students must take classes online, and because of this, teachers must adapt to this type of virtual education, it goes without saying that many of them carry out their activities in a traditional way, so it is expected that is supportive to record the progress of the students and generate participation from them. In the circumstances in which we find ourselves, a pandemic scenario, technology is required to support our Peruvian educational system, and offer alternatives that help improve conditions and reduce limitations for students in educational centers.
For this, it is necessary to search for bibliography, for web development within academic management in low-income schools that require the use of information technology to be able to implement it in an orderly and systematic way.
It is worth mentioning that the web development showed that the logistics processes increased their efficiency, obtaining better results, as well as those that are reflected in developing them in low-income schools, which have more students, for a teacher it is more comfortable to review in the same way, parents are also involved in the development of their children.