Experimental Investigation Of The Integrated Solar Photovoltaic Thermal Collector And Dryer (ISPVTCD) For Drying Of Sea Foods

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Vel Tech Rangarajan Dr. Sagunthala R&D Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai- 600062, INDIA


This research article deals with the design and development of photovoltaic thermal system with solar dryer. This system was carried out diverse analysis on sea foods which was performed three modes of operation such as solar sun drying with forced convection, solar sun drying with natural convection and traditional drying. Various parametric studies also handled in this article such as solar radiation intensity, moisture removal, outlet air temperature from the collector. In general, solar radiation is a prime factor which was provided a sources of generating energy to drive a solar dryer. The Integrated solar photovoltaic thermal collector and dryer (ISPVTCD) has been provided the electrical and thermal energy to run anISPVTCD. The ISPVTCD was tested by 20 kg of sea foods in the drying air temperature in the range of 350C – 720C. The initial moisture content of the sea foods was 84 % (weight basis) and was reduced to the final moisture content of 16 % (weight basis) in 5 days with clear sunny days in the month of June 2021. The ISPVTCD was operated between 9 hrs to 16 hrs. Finally, comparative study was also handled for better understanding with ISPVTCD, in which solar sun drying with forced convection mode attained better results than other two modes of operations