An Empirical Study On Shift Of Lecturers Attitude (Lectures Of Higher Education) During Online Classes In Chennai, Tn.

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Associate Professor and Head PG and Research Department of Commerce Patrician College of Arts & Science, Chennai,


This study examines the shift of lecturers' attitudes during online class, whichis the contemporary teaching method of post-covid19 era. Measuring attitude and effort to shift in attitude towards technology is fundamental in effecting any changes through expertise. This study focuses on shift of lectures’ attitude towards e-learning and online teaching classes and also to explore the relationship between lecturers’ attitudes, online teaching and e-learning process.Online teaching is relatively a new concept in developing countries like India. It has replaced our orthodox traditional education system to the educational technologies (EdTechs) model, where teaching and assessments are conducted online. COVID-19 epidemic has made it mandatory for all the teachers of developing countries to use online platforms for teaching and assessment to support the education sector. Remote teaching and learning conditions through digital channels is possible with latest techniques and technology. The teachers of all discipline need to adapt this technology for the successful execution of online teaching programs and assessments practices. This particular study used a mixed-method and the number of respondents was 52; data collected through online questionnaires framed in Google Form and disseminated through e-mail, Facebook and WhatsApp to the lecturers of higher education in Chennai City. Data was translated into frequency and regression linear. The results showed that 35 lecturers can shift their attitudes toward online classes and remaining 17 lectures have difficulty in shifting to online teaching and prefer traditional classroom methods.