Spying Of Internet Information For Android Smartphone

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Dep. of Dentistry, Al_Hadi University College, Iraq


Observing for smartphone internet information is one of the most important requirements in the world, where the user now can do everything he want by using smartphone device. So managers or parents are always looking for a way to access other smartphones to monitor their activities and obtain sensitive information such as geographical locations etc. for security issues or educational purposes. This study proposed a spying system for kids’ smartphone to protect them from some wrong websites which may cause psychological effects on them, or monitoring employees and others for security issues. This system include three module, the first one is Victim Client app., second one is PC- Server, and last one is Spy Application. The Victim Client app is designed to collect the sensitive information like visited web sites, Global Positioning System information, and Internet Protocol address in order to send it to Server-PC for display and store purpose. And the Map application designed to display the specific location of Victim Client. The system implementation and performance give good result in compared with other previous designed monitoring systems, where some useful features added like multi victim mentoring, and map tracking. Some problems and their solution have also been identified that face such like systems.