A survey study to raise the awareness about the importance of the plant tissue culture technology

Document Type : Primary Research paper


College of Education for Pure Science, University of Diyala, Iraq


The plant tissue culture technology is considered as one of the latest and most significant agricultural disciplines in the worldwide that relies, fundamentally, on the green biotechnology concepts. It is one of the most advanced technologies currently in use with great benefits for mankind. During the past few years, this technology has provided great financial benefits and agricultural achievements on both quantitative and qualitative prospects. Also, it contributed to the genetic improvement and crossbreeding, and provided benefits have never been achieved previously using the traditional methods. Furthermore, the green biotechnology offers an important and useful supplement in accomplishing food security and environmental protection. The objective of the Study: to investigate the extent to which college students and nursery owners aware about the importance of plant tissue cultivation, and how to implement this technology to develop the agriculture. Data collection was conducted in Diyala governorate, Iraq, and it included 140 participants who were divided into three groups. The first group included 50 male and female students from the College of Education for Pure Sciences / Department of Life Sciences. The second group included 50 male and female students from the third stage of the College of Agriculture, Horticulture department while the last group included 40 nursery owners. The study outcomes pointed that the nursery owners have poor awareness about the plant tissues culturing technique and about its importance and applications. However, the highest level of awareness was recognized among the College of Agriculture students.