Implementation of Cryptographic Algorithm for Cloud Data Security

Document Type : Primary Research paper


1 M.E in Computer Science and Engineering

2 Bachelor Of Engineering Scholar, Jagadambha College Of Engineering And Technology,Yavatmal,India, Department of Computer Engineering


This paper proposes a simple, secure, and privacy-preserving architecture for inter-Cloud data sharing based on an encryption/decryption algorithm which aims to protect the data stored in the cloud from the unauthorized access.
Cloud computing is a new architecture that has released users from hardware requirements and complexity. The rapid transition toward clouds has advanced many concerns related to security issues which can hold back its widespread adoption. In fact, cloud computing special architecture has introduced many challenges especially in maintaining the security of outsourced data. Thus, to address this issue, we propose in this article, a new light weight encryption algorithm which consists of combining symmetric algorithm to encrypt data and asymmetric one to distribute keys. This combination helps to benefit from the efficient security of asymmetric encryption and the rapid performance of symmetric encryption while conserving the rights of users to access data by a secured and authorized way. Evaluation results prove that the processing time of our lightweight algorithm is faster than state-of-the-art cryptographic algorithms.