An Empirical Study On The Role Of Aptitude And Attitude Of Teachers In Enhancing Classroom Presence And Engagement Of Students

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Manipur International University, Imphal, Manipur, India


In the recent decade, there have been several revisions to teaching methodology. However, far less has been said regarding teachers’ ability and attitude. According to experts, new technology or pedagogical tools will be effective only if the teacher has the ability and mindset to utilize them. Additionally, instructors' aptitude and demeanor increase students' interest in attending lessons and being more engaged throughout the class. Students demand value for their time in class. Simultaneously, students want to see how optimistic, up-to-date, and enthusiastic their instructor is about what they are teaching. This article conducts an empirical study with 180 elementary school kids to determine how instructors' competence and attitude impact their attendance and involvement in class. A t-test was used to determine the significance of the reported effect.