Symbolism In "The Sower": An Analyzation Of The Parable Of Christ

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Manipur International University


Parables were the prototype for the word parable in Western culture. Parables are among the many literary types found in the Bible, but they are particularly prevalent in the New Testament gospels. Short tales, such as the Good Samaritan, are parables distinguished from metaphorical claims. A true parable can be thought of as an extended simile. The research paper aims to interpret and analyze the parable entitled "The Sower." It attempts to delve into the meaning of the narrative at different levels of interpretation. It primarily focuses on the function of different symbols and their meaning-producing factors. The term "symbol" refers to a word or expression that indicates an entity or occurrence that, in turn, refers to something or has a spectrum of meaning beyond itself. "The Sower" parable has multiple symbols, and the present research paper mints to shed light on them and interpret them to disclose the true meaning in the respective context.