"Roll on Stress Management of the Employees of Public and Private Sector Transport undertaking in Theni District"

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Associate Professor, Nehru Institute of Technology, Coimbatore


Human Resources play a vital role in the growth and development of any
organization. No matter how sophisticated and modern the business activities of an
organization become, it will be extremely difficult to sustain its growth and effectiveness
unless human resources are complementary to its operations. This is more important in a
service industry like transport . Now-a- days transport become a part of one’s life. It
provides to the needs of traders, Agriculturists, industrialists and all other sections of the
The transport sector is undergoing a rapid change in order to face the
challenges and new development. All modern motivation theories stress reward as a basis for
encouraging the desired behavior. Lack of job satisfaction and stress of employees will lead
to a setback in the work, strike, lock out, labour turnover and other unhealthy trends.

Volume 12, Issue 1
International virtual conference on Newer Trends and Innovation in Nanotechnology Materials Science . Science and Technology
March 2021
Pages 446-448