The study of Employee Behaviour after Covid-19 on changing Diversity Climate

Document Type : Primary Research paper


Associate Professor, Institute of Management Studies Noida


Diversity Climate refers to employees' perceptions of the organization's diversity policies, and practices. The economic downturn in Oman has impacted the diversity climate in the workplace, and it is constantly changing as a result of the pandemic across industries, causing havoc on the workforce, especially the 1.75 million expatriate workforces across industries. This study has been conducted with the three key objectives: 1. To investigate the employees' perception on Diversity Climate of the organizations. 2. To compare the perception of citizens and expatriate employees on Diversity Climate and 3. To find the changes in diversity practices of organizations in Oman after Covid- 19. The research was carried out in Muscat, and data obtained from 117 workers (both citizens and expatriates) who work in different companies at various levels/ positions. with the aim of getting a deeper understanding of how the diversity climate has changed since Covid-19 from the employees' perspective. Finally, the researchers suggested some solutions and discussed the study's novelty as well as the potential scope for future research.