Determination of environmental factors and littoral phytoplankton in Izmit Bay

Document Type : Primary Research paper



In this study it is aimed to determine the relationship between environmental parameters and phytoplanktonic communities from six selected sampling sites in the littoral region of Izmit Bay. The samples were taken  monthly  from January 2011 to December 2011. Twenty taxa were identified in the phytoplankton. Although the distribution of species varied from station to station, Cocconeis scutellum Ehrenberg and Oscillatoria sp. wereidentified as the most abundant in the phytoplankton. Water temperature, pH and conductivity varied from 9.2-25°C , 6.9-8.3, 30.5-45.1 µS/cm, dissolved oxygen values as minimum and maximum 4.6–12.7 mg l−1 were determined respectively. The water quality parameters were analyzed one-way ANOVA and differences were evaluated with Duncanstest.  In the study was done the canonical correspondence analysis (CCA).