The development of gonad mantis shrimp Harpiosquilla raphidea Fabricius, 1798 in Banten Bay, Indonesia

Document Type : Primary Research paper



The Harpiosquilla raphidea mantis shrimp in Banten Bay is very important and an abundant marine crustacean in Indonesia. It is common among the most important predators in many shallow, tropical and subtropical marine habitats. Gonad maturity level of mantis shrimp Harpiosquilla raphidea was identified in four phases of development. The first size mature gonad of the female mantis shrimp is 199 mm and the male is 230 mm. The gonad maturity level of the female shrimp in II, III and IV have fecundity ranging from 24.600 to 76.809,with an average of 54.082±13.456 where as the diameter of the eggs at gonad maturity level III is 510675 µm, with an average diameter of 574±6.98 µm.