Extraction and determination of protein content and antioxidant properties of ten algae from Persian Gulf

Document Type : Primary Research paper



There are a variety of algal species in Iran and little research has been carried out on their antioxidant activity. We tested the antioxidant properties of ten algae of Persian Gulf by determine the reducing power, NO radical scavenging, phenolic contents and inhibition lipid peroxidation. In order to evaluate the nutritional compounds of the algae, we determined the protein content of some Persian Gulf algae. Cladophoropsis sp. extract showed the highest reducing power (concentration 1.48±0.04 mg/ml with absorbance 0.5). Gracilariopsis longssimashowed the highest NO radical scavenging (p < 0.01). Among the species studied, Gracilaria salicornia had the highest phenolic content (2.7±0.13 mg/g).After ten days the lipid peroxidation inhibition of Cystoseira myrica, Cladophoropsis sp. and Colpomenia sinousa extracts were 79.29%, 79.29% and 79.25% respectively, which higher than the antioxidant standards BHT (66.86%) and Vit C (64.06%). Inpresent study, Cladophoropsis sp. hadthe highest protein content (2.49±0.113 g/100g). More studies should be carried out on its potential as a source of food.